Sunday, August 31, 2008

So I am back on New York. On day three we headed for Niagara Falls. It was quite a long drive but fun. It was amazing that we all fit in the vehicle with all the luggage and people. We had fun at the border to Canada because Grandma forgot her passport in her suitcase, the lady was not very patient with us :) We checked into the hotel and then went to the falls to watch the fireworks. Grandpa counted the fireworks and said there were 260. He said the fire shows in Utah are better because there are a lot more fireworks but being over the falls was pretty neat.

The next morning we walked along the falls in the morning and then headed off to New York for the church sites. After we checked into the hotel Grandpa wanted an Arbys and we couldn't find one. We found one at a food court in the Mall, Grandpa liked that because we could each get what we wanted. I still can't drive by an Arby's without smiling and thinking of Grandpa. After that every time we drove by an Arby's Grandma would look back at us and urge us to be quite about it. That evening we went to the Sacred Grove. What a peaceful place, almost like a temple in the woods. The spirit is strong there and you can't help but wonder what it would have been like to be 14 and be in Joseph Smith's place.

So the next morning we had a contenental breakfast. I have to mention the coffee talk ladies. I don't know if you every watched Saturday Night Live and watched the Coffee talk skits but there was a group of ladies at breakfast that fit to a tee. They had the Brooklyn accent and seemed to have smoked a lot of there lives. On lady with orange nails said, "My new shoes are so comfy I can hardly tell I got them on." Another lady with brite lipstick said, "I am so glad she got implants, they were falling down the stairs." Carl and I were laughing so hard we could hardly eat. We then drove to save seats for the pagent and went to the Smith Log Home then the BOM printing press. I enjoyed those a lot and learned a lot, I realize I could spend more time learning about early church history. I liked the Peter Whitmore farm the best, I don't know why but the spirit touched my heart while I was there and it hit me how much of a miricle the church is. The pagent was awesome and a lot of fun!

The next day we headed to Pennsylvania to see Melvin, Katherine and Caleb. There place is great and it was so fun to see them. Melvin drove into the garage wearing black leather and riding a bullet bike! We had fun talking and seeing how they are doing. Thanks guys!

We had to leave the next morning. I dropped everyone off at the airport and they rushed off quickly but overall I think it was a great success and a great trip. If anyone else wants to come out we will do it again with you!

I hope everyone had a great Sunday!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Long Time

I feel so bad that it has been so long since I blogged last. I am going to be better! I say that but I just don't know for sure. Jayden is now crawling, climbing, pulling, tugging on everything right now. I know you look forward to each stage but I had no idea how tough it can be. I can't seem to get anything done. Colby even agrees. The other day I had to go to town and Colby said he would get ready for school with Jayden. When I came home the house was crazy and Colby said that he won't ever bother me again when I don't get much done with him home. He didn't get one thing done. I can't be in the kitchen cooking with him unless he has his own pan to play with and every once and awhile I lift him up to see what I am doing. I can't do laundry without folding it three times because he tips the basket over or thinks it is a game to pull the clothes folded onto the floor. He is so cute and knows it because just when I think I am over the limit he gives me one of his famous big grins and I can't help but laugh. We thought our house was baby proof but everyday he finds something else to play with that we didn't think about. It has begun!

We spent that last three weeks in Vegas, Washington and Utah. We saw lots of family and had a great time. We grand pree'd it is Vegas (with a little bit of outlet mall shopping), we picniced and swam in Walla Walla, we faired it and raging watered it in Utah. But we are back in the grind, Colby started school today. Jayden had his nine month doctors appointment today, it is fun to see how he is growing and changing.

I will put more pictures in and finish New York in the next blog. I have to sort some pictures on the computer today so that I can find what I am looking for :)