Monday, August 30, 2010

Andersen Reunion, camping in Logan Canyon

We went to the Andersen Reunion and it was a lot of fun. Kylie and Jayden played in the dirt, played with Mike and Michele's dogs and overall had such a fun time. We camped the night and Kylie didn't like it at all and so we didn't get much sleep. I ended up taking her for a drive and sleeping in the car with her at about 4 in the morning. Won't do the overnight thing again for awhile :) It was fun to see family, we missed seeing the Nounna's and were glad they were there. We are excited that they will be living closer to us.

All the cousins hanging out by Logan River
Angie and Finn, cute!
Kylie playing in the dirt with sticks.
Aunt Debbie and baby Rachel. Good pic!
Jayden and Emmie. They were buddies and tagged each other all day. They were so cute. I wish I could have been a fly and listened to what they were talking about but every time I got close they would stop talking :)
Uncle Kevin, baby Rachel, Kylie and Jayden.
Finn and Kylie playing with frisbees. They kept handing them back and forth to each other. They are only about a week apart in age.

Hanging out talking. Martilyn, Michelle, Annalese, Angie, Hayley and Finn.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bear Lake

We went to Utah a bit ago for a short trip and had a blast. We went with Colby's brother Ben and his family to Bear Lake. It was so fun! In the end we were dirty (sand showed up everywhere, even after we were back home in CO), had great raspberry shakes and got a little sunburned. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Makes me sad that winter is on it's way!

Jayden, Emmie and Anna playing with the boat in the water. Who is in charge?
Now this is a little disturbing/funny! Of all the poses! I didn't know whether to put this in or not but..... here it is. Ben Andersen in all his glory!
This is actually a "clean" picture of Kylie. She could have cared less about the water. The sand and muddy dirt, heaven! She also kept going around to other peoples areas and trying to steal their food, it was funny.
Dad and Jayden swimming. He LOVES water and had fun.
Angie, Angie's brother and wife, the kids in the boat, Ben, Colby and Kylie.
Us in the water.
Hanging out at Bear Lake Beach. Angie, Finn, Colby, Kylie and Jayden

Hayley and Annalese getting warm on the chair, now the faces....I can't explain :)

Just some misc. catching up pictures

Jayden and Dad went and played in the rain. They were pretty wet but had a lot of fun.
So Jayden never likes to flex his muscles. We ask and ask. He did it and I got it on camera. Miracles!
Having fun for my birthday. I had a lot of help with the presents and cake.
Blowing out the cake.
This was random but it was such a great rainbow I had to get some pictures.

Maybe it will be lucky!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Marti & Kevin visit - Fun Pictures

Kylie and Rachel, Kylie was fascinated!
Kylie and Rachel all smiles on the couch.
Jayden wanted in. Poor Rachel looks about done.
The Nielsens at our house.
Kevin and Kylie hugging goodbye. This is a big step. Kylie is not a fan of guys and didn't like Kevin too much at the start of the visit.

Kylie and Daddy after our visitors left.

Marti & Kevin Visit - The Riverwalk

Really we don't live at the Riverwalk! It is just a pretty place and the kids love to go there. Here are some fun pictures of us at the Riverwalk with Marti, Kevin and Rachel. This time we paddle boated on the river, it was fun.

Colby and Jayden playing in the fountains.
Colby and Kevin playing/mocking the statues.
The Andersens on the paddle boat
Our bumper enemies on the "other" paddle boat.
Colby and Jayden hanging out.
Marti, Rachel and Kevin in the gazebo.

This was done with Marti and Kevins new camera. It was hilarious to look at all the pictures it took (it took 10 really fast). Here is one of the best.

Marti & Kevin Visit - The Castle

So I don't even know where to start to explain this castle. It is about an hour away from our home and has been worked on since the 70's. He started out just wanting a winter cottage and then the government came in and told him he couldn't quarry the rocks on his land. He was angry enough he kept building and building. While we were there he was working on it and yelling all sorts of things about the government. The castle is crazy, a bit scary but absolutely one of the funnest things we have done in a long time. We had fun seeing it with Marti and Kevin and Rachel. Enjoy the pictures!

On our way to the castle. Kevin, Rachel, Marti, Colby, Kylie, Michelle and Jayden.
This is his sign in front of the castle. I don't think it is as much for us as it is for police or government officials. There are also signs around from the government saying the building is not OSHA approved and enter at your own risk.
The Andersens.
Kevin taking Rachel up some steps. Yes, he built this stone by stone. He is a welder by trade.
The Neilsons on the second floor of the castle.
Michelle and Kylie.
This is pretty high up and I am scared to death! You can see all the welding connections on this outside landing so not only can you see all the way down, it is not even.
On another floor of the castle.
Colby and Jayden up on the castle bridge. I agreed to stay down and take the picture!
The castle.
Jayden and Colby looking out through one of the doors on the stairway.

It is hard to see but Kevin is also in the door on one of the towers.

Yard Sales

No, I am not addicted but I LOVE to go to yard sales. I don't know if it is the area, or we really lucked out. There are some awesome sales here and here are some of my bragging pictures. The Kitchen was $2, the buggy was $5 and the tri-cycle was $2. Maybe they were not that to start with but I wore them down! Who knew it would be so fun! We figure if the kids are going to have a bunch of toys they may or may not play with, at least we know that we got them so cheap that it doesn't matter!

Stotts Visit Part 5 - Pikes Peak

The view from the top of Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs, CO. We took the train up to the peak.
Needless to say it was pretty cold and windy on top.
Us at the top. Altitude is 14, 110 feet! Crazy!
Kylie slept most of the way down.
Colby and Kevin and Porter doing....?

So she woke up and was not happy. I think her ears were hurting her. A packed train, no where to go, and she screamed for about 25 minutes. I got some awesome (sarcastic) stares from people who need to realize life is not perfect!