Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Max's B-Day party.

Daquan, Max, Jayden, Bo and Kylie watching the presents.
Max, Daquan, Bo, Jayden and Zach trying to see what is in the bag.
Sarah (Max's Mom) helps them with the new legos. I love the look on their faces.

The whole "group". Sarah, Max, Jayden, Zach, Daquan, Barb, Bo, Robin, Michelle and Kylie.
It was a blast! Thanks Max for such a great party!

Potty Training

We have been working really, really hard to potty train Jayden. He takes one step forward then two back. Colby was home and so we doubled our effort on this day. He was taking awhile and told us to leave and give him privacy. When we came back, this is what we found.

Why not be entertained? LOL!

Kylie is now 2!

Time goes by so fast. Kylie has been so much fun. She truly has such a personality and never lets things get to boring.

Kylie right now loves

Dora, anything with cats, bling, Tinker Bell, balls and food.

She is really starting to talk and is starting to learn to play with her brother, peacefully. Her B-Day was fun. Colby's sister and family came to celebrate with us. We had dessert, opened presents and then went to play at the park.

Here is the cake, this is mostly for my Mom. I couldn't think of how to do anything with Dora, my mind went blank so I stuck with the colors and just did a heart.
Kylie opening gifts with Jaydens help. I think he was almost more excited then she was. He kept telling everyone that his birthday was next.
Kylie with her big gift of Dora.
Getting ready to blow out the candles.
She tried!
The group of us eating and enjoying.

Kylie and Jayden at the park. He kept giving her hugs because it was her special day.
Daddy and Kylie playing and wrestling at the park. She loves this stuff, she is a tough cookie!

A great picture of Uncle Kevin tossing Jayden in the air. Kevin is so good to play with the kids and they love him, they don't want to leave him alone :)


We have been having a lot of fun with friends lately. We have been watching and having friends over and I happened to get some pictures. The first one is of just Jayden and Kylie but it was pretty cute so I put it in.

This is Kylie, Jayden, Brock and Max. It was such a fun time with their buddies!

This is another day. Just Jayden, Dante, Bo, Kylie and Daquan sitting on the swing set eating some ice cream. It was a lot of fun and I can't believe they were all so good for the picture!

Easter 2011

Easter we so much fun this year. We were able to do everything on our checklist to make it a great time.

Dress like the easter bunny.....check.
Dye easter eggs......check.
Decorate easter cookies with friends......check.
Go on an awesome easter egg hunt......check. (not many younger kids showed up so they had so much candy. I think they got more candy for easter then for Halloween.)

Kylie and Jayden with their buddy Bennett.
Go to the local train museum easter party and ride a train......check.

Meet the easter bunny......check.
Use malted easter candy as lipstick.......check.
Colby's sister, Martilyn.
Jayden got blue.
Kylie picked it up real quick.
And Colby. His was not as impressive as the kids.

Wear easter glasses......check.
Wake up to a visit from the easter bunny.....check.

It was such a great Easter, the kids are a good age to make it soooo fun for all of us!

Pueblo Zoo

We went to the Pueblo Zoo with our friends, Andrea and Bennett. It was a lot of fun.

I thought this picture was funny because the sign by them says no feeding the animals but the kids are all hungry and eating.

Us on the camel statue.
Our friends, Andrea and Bennett.
Kylie feeding one of the goats. This was their favorite part of the whole zoo.

This is what they all did when I was ready to take the picture. It is cute. I can't tell if they are hiding from the Lions.

Spring Walla Walla Trip

I know that people think I was crazy for driving this long, 18 hour, trip but let me explain. We had just moved, we were exhausted and then for the next 3-4 weeks between Colby and I and the kids we were all sick. Like stay in bed, don't sleep at night sick. I was to my point. I guess I needed my Mom but also the kids needed to do something different to get out of the house. We stayed for about 4 days and just enjoyed being around family.

My brother Carl let Jayden ride with him while he was working the pasture.
Here are the kids enjoying the llamas.

This is my parents with my sister, Shauna's, three kids and mine. This pic was about as good as it got. I was laughing so hard a lot of the other pictures were fuzzy :)

Getting into the new house

I know that it has been three months since the last blog. I don't really have an excuse except life. It has been so busy lately. So.. I have to get caught up.

Kylie and Jayden posing for Valentines Day 2011.

So we are starting to settle in the house at this time but I was tired and didn't want to unload another box with the kids awake so I got out the camera. Jayden saw me lifting the heavy boxes and wanted me to know he was a big boy and could help me whenever I wanted. He flexed so that I knew he was serious and I got a photo.

We got a new fridge for the house. I caught Kylie trying her best to open the door. She hadn't figured it out yet but an A for effort! It only took her about 2 more days to get it figured out.

Here are the kids hanging out behind the couch. Still to this day it is their favorite hiding spot.