Saturday, October 18, 2008


OK, I don't have any new pictures but I had to share my funny story. Today I got home from a R.S. Retreat and so Jayden has been a little clingy. After his bath I was downstairs picking things up and getting ready to put him in bed. He crawled over and likes to climb my legs, the only problem is that I was wearing elastic bottoms and when he pulled the pants went down. I was bending over trying to release Jayden and get my pants up when I saw the car lights. Jayden earlier in the month broke several slats of our blinds and so we have quite a hole right where my bum was bending over and showing the neighbor when she pulled in. I hope it was her, if not I will die even more. I guess we are closer than I thought. Oh what a day! Just thought I would give you a good giggle!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Exciting News

My cute pirate.

Doesn't he look so big, I can't believe how fast he is growing.

Jayden having his first chocolate chip cookie, he loved it!

So we have some news, Jayden is going to be a big brother. We are really excited and can't wait for May 5th. I am about 10 weeks along and doing good. I have been a little sick but I got some medicine this week and it has helped a lot. Jayden likes having me back. We continue to pray for all to be well. I was tested and found out that my Rogam shot (for being RH negative) did not work after Jayden was born. Because of that, my body has produced antibodies against this little one. There is no threat till 20 weeks and older. I am tested monthly right now and we think all will be well. Thanks for everyone's love and support.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Lucky Bunny

Jayden and Lucky downstairs at the end of the day.
Again, Jayden and Lucky. He gets so excited he has to show him to me.

Jayden with Lucky upstairs playing before his nap.

So attached to Lucky he won't even give up his hand to hold the bottle!

O.K. So when I was in an accident when I was younger I was given a bunny that I always kept by me in the hospital. I named it my lucky bunny. It is soft, got an outfit of navy and pink floral with a lace ruffle. I have kept it by my side since then I consider it well, Lucky. It has been safe in my nightstand till....Jayden. He found it and hasn't given it up since. It started where he would just pull it out and then at the end of the play time I would put it back. Then it was the first thing he would go for when he woke up and crawled into the bedroom. Now I have given up and it is in his crib or in his hands. The pictures included are during one day, at nap time, while upstairs and then again downstairs. Is it silly for me to be worried that Jayden loves his ruffled lucky bunny? :)

Things are going well. We are doing good and are happy. Jayden has taken his first few steps, he gets so excited that afterwards he looks at us so we will clap our hands for him. Of course, everytime I try to videotape it or take a picture he will not do it. One of these times it will happen! As far as us it is church and school. Pretty much every other bit of us is for Jayden. I am going on a Relief Society retreat on the 17-18th of October. Colby gets Jayden for overnight and I am so excited to go have some camping fun. Keep you posted!