Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow, Snow go away!

So, this is totally out of order but I made an earring holder. I used a shadow box frame with a hinge top. I took out the glass and put in some cross stich plastic material. I then covered some foam with material and used pins to hold my necklaces on the inside. It works good except I realize I have way to many earrings. Is that possible?

I love this picture because we call Kylie, Kylie Lou Who. With her big ponytail, button nose and cute teeth she looks like the little girl Cindy from the movie, "The Grinch".

Jayden and Kylie in the play ambulance at the mall indoor playground.

So here is the inside of the earring holder to hold the necklaces.

Here is the front before I hung the earrings.

Here it is all finished.
So it is a random blog again but all is good. I got crafty because it has snowed non stop for several weeks. We got a few teaser warm days and then we were dumped on again last night. It is so frustrating that I find myself looking for jobs in Florida. Will people visit us in Florida?
Jayden loves graham crackers but when he asks for them it sounds like...."Mommy, can I have those damn crackers?" I can't help but smile. Kylie continues to be a nine month old going on 15. She is so determined, I am amazed and scared at the same time. Last night she screamed till about 4 a.m. because we decided not to give her a bottle in the night. We finally gave up and gave her a bottle of water. She stopped the second we gave her the bottle. uuuuRRRRRGGH! I am so tired!
Jayden is learning his numbers and colors. He will fix all my boo boo's with a kiss and we have a toy hammer that he will use to fix everything in the house that is broken. He has been taught that pictures and the TV are never broken.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Facebook Issues

OK. I don't know if I am the only one that feels this way but daily I debate about the pros and cons of facebook. I love the fact that I have caught up with friends I haven't talked to in awhile but I also have some "friends" that I wish I could un-friend without hurting any feelings. So here are my thoughts about facebook.

Am I a wierdo because I don't say any inspiring quotes on my status? I have to admit I don't even know any cool quotes off the top of my head and I don't think I would have the time to look one up. I don't even understand other people's quotes half the time!

I feel like a secret stalker. I know people only put up information they want people to see but sometimes it is a little wierd. My Mom will call me and say, "What's new on people from facebook". And I update her on family, etc. Does that make me a gossip? Nope, a secret stalker.

Darn my brother for getting me started in Mafia Wars. Every few days I do jobs, get FAKE money, and rule New York. I am obsessed with getting more money. My brain knows it is fake money but for some reason I still enjoy seeing those dollers increase. Maybe it is because I have no REAL money.

I have learned that the "LIKE" button is like the easy button. If I don't have anything cool to say, I push LIKE. Easy as pie!

I can have tons of cool things happen to me throughout the day but once I sit down to write a status my mind goes blank. Someday it will come together.

I have realized that the constant to facebook is that they are always going to change things and I am always not going to like how they change it. I just wish I could see people's status comments and not every live news feed happening on everyone's page. Again, maybe this is a test of patience for me.

Yes, I admit it. I have looked up an old boyfriend, classmate, etc. just to see how they are doing but never added them as a friend. Refer to the secret stalker comment above.

So, I continue to use facebook. Does anyone else feel this way? Have a great day!

Monday, February 15, 2010

What I Love

I thought that since it is the Monday after Valentines Day, I would write a few things that I love.

Of course I love my hubby Colby, I sometimes wonder how he puts up with me. I love Jayden so much, he gave me a kiss on my head yesterday when I bumped it and then told me, "Sorry Mommy". I love Kylie, her smile and squinted eyes light up my day and I can't help but smile.

I love the gospel. It is my rock.

I love my family and good friends, what would I do without them?

I love shaved legs and fresh silky sheets. It is the combo that is my favorite.

I love when Colby does the dishes or changes a diaper, it turns me on faster then any flowers ever could.

I love music. Any kind, it just depends on my mood. It can pump me up, relax me, etc. depending on what I listen to.

I love it when my kids giggle, especially when they are giggling together like they are sharing a secret.

I love a hot, hot shower or bath. The best part is when there are no kids in the room with me.

I love when I find an awesome deal. I get so excited.

I love it when I put my pants on and they feel loose, that is a good day!

I love reading a good book.

I love Dr. Pepper, McDonald's french fries, Chewy chips ahoy, fresh bread and ice cream. (All healthy of coarse)

I love home decor stuff. I love it when I can decorate a room the way I like it for what I can afford.

I love it when my hair turns out. With the humidity here that makes each day hit or miss. I am reminded of Monica's hair in the show Friends when she goes to Florida.

I love when I get a close parking spot at Wal-Mart.

I love when I get good mail, OK, I am wierd, I like the catalogs and junk mail too!

I love when I cook a meal and the first few minutes after it is served it is silent. That means it was good.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Pictures in a closet and snow!

Colby and Jayden shoveling after our big snow storm.

We went sledding. I lasted about 10 minutes and then the kids were cold :)

The kids in the snow!

So, Jayden does not like to pose for pictures but for some reason he loves to sit on his bins in the closet with Kylie and have me take a picture. Here are other shots of the same.

I know, I blogged two days in a row. It is hard to be so effecient but I better take advantage of it while I feel like it :) I never know what to blog so here is a list of bullets I have been thinking about lately....

* I think if I have to listen or watch Polar Express one more time I will crack, but.... I am not willing to give it up yet because Jayden sits and watches it. I mean he watches and sits through the WHOLE movie! How else would I get a shower?

* I am learning that I just have to get used to the fact that... I will never sleep in again, I will sweep the floor multiple times daily no matter how "careful" the kids are, and that when Kylie screams (and she is loud) that it doesn't matter how much Dr. Pepper I drink or chocolate I eat, I can still hear her.

* I have to be careful what I now say. I told Jayden to go upstairs and get his milk (in a sippie). I thought that was pretty clear... he brought me the whole gallon of milk!
* Having put Jayden in a bed.... I will keep Kylie in a crib forever!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kids are still asleep so here is another post

Us at Grandpa and Grandma's Ward Christmas Party.

This is priceless. Jayden won't get too close, Kylie is crying and Santa looks like he needs a break!

Kylie striking a pose.

My dear friend lives in SLC and I got to visit them a couple of times. They loved to sit on the couch and let me take their pictures. What a cute picture!

Colby and I in front of the Christmas tree.

Lacyee, Kylie, Layne, Damion and Jayden!

Layne, Kylie, Laycee and Damion

Me and the kids at the Stewarts ward Christmas party.

Cousins at the Christmas Party!

Uncle Roger and Grandma Andersen with Kylie. Roger was awesome and held her a lot during the party so that I could take pictures.

Obviously this is the party couch!

Us at temple square. And then our camera battery died!

It's amazing!

Jayden and Kylie in their car at Grandma Youngs.

Jayden helping with the llamas. Yes, my parents still have them.

Jayden and Colby and the flight to Logan, UT. All smiles.

Michelle and Jayden on the Tractor in Walla Walla. I was rusty, but I can still drive!

So one night I hear Jayden crying saying that he is dirty. I think it is a dirty diaper until I turn on the light. He had smeared Desitin EVERYWHERE! It was all over hime, all over the bed. He had dunked his cars in it. I almost cried!

She looks like such an angel but really she is a monster in the making!

Jayden, Colby and Kylie at the beach in Florida.

My travel buddies on the way to Florida.

Me and Lydia. She was my friend when we were little and we got together to eat one night and it was a lot of fun. Reminded me of why we were friends so long ago. My face hurt from laughing so much!

I know it has been a long time since I blogged. We left for Logan, UT on November 23rd and didn't get home until the 1st of February. Colby did a rotation in Logan then one in Florida. Florida was nice! I feel bad about taking so long, but when you are traveling and getting used to being home it takes awhile to get the chance to do this. We are glad to be back and hope all is well with everyone. I will put more pics and blog more soon.