Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Colby's Birthday

This is Colby's cake. Jayden helped pick out the candles and he decorated the cake. He must really love his Daddy!

This is when Colby came home and was surprised with our party stuff.

Jayden gave Daddy cookies for his birthday. Right after Colby opened them, Jayden wanted one.

This is what Kylie and Mommy gave Daddy. Some new computer speakers that he has been looking at for awhile.

We had practiced all day and Jayden did a great job singing Happy Birthday. It was a lot of fun.

Colby was gone for his birthday but when he got home we celebrated like Rock stars. It was soooo fun. Jayden was so excited and helped me wrap presents, frost and decorate the cake, and made sure Kylie didn't get Daddy's balloons. When we were at the store getting the balloons, Jayden would tell anyone listening that it was Daddy's Birthday. Another year gone by, where does the time go?

Kendra came to visit!

Kendra by Heinz stadium with downtown Pittsburgh in the distance. It was so windy cold that day!

I think this is supposed to be Mr. Rogers. Is he from Pittsburgh?

We went and did a session at the D.C. Temple. It was awesome!

We went shopping at a cool outlet mall in Washington, PA. We are hanging out while Jayden plays at some cars.

Kendra and I by the Washington monument.

Us by the Capital Building.

Kendra going into the Metro station area.

It was so much fun! Kendra flew into Pittsburgh and we explored Pittsburgh. Got lost, found a cool place to eat and made it home after the kids were in bed. The next day we went shopping. Then on Thursday we left to go to D.C. for three days. It was so much fun, the bed and shower head were awesome at the hotel. We got to sleep in and just enjoy our time. It has been awhile since either one of us have done that. Thursday we went to the temple, Friday we explored and walked....and walked....and walked. That evening we met Kendra's cousin for dinner in Georgetown and it was fun. Saturday was the drive home and hanging out with the kids. Monday we went and saw Philippi and we got some good ice cream and then Tuesday came and it was time for her to go! It went by too fast! Thank you Kendra!
Kendra and I met 14 years ago when we were roomates and Ricks College. I tease that she is my sister, it has been fun to be so close for so long. Also.... a shout out to our husbands who let us do this and didn't roll there eyes at us, too much!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A day at the park.

So glad for good weather we went and had fun at the park Saturday. Jayden and Daddy swinging.

Mom and Kylie hanging out.

Jayden is so big as he climbs the equipment.

Kylie enjoying the day.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Kylie's Determination

Kylie is so much fun, but she has so much fire. She is mad at me in this picture and making sure I see it before she continues on.

See the pretty flower in her hair, the girlie shirt? Wasted, she loves cars, etc. She is a rough tomboy.
Outside with Daddy watching him play with the grass.

Outside playing on our Castle. See, she has moments like these and we forget about the earlier mad screams.

I showed this picture because Jayden is cute with the bubbles, but can you see Kylie's focus is on his bubble liquid. She wants it so bad. Such focus!

Her favorite thing to do is wrestle. All you have to do is lay down on the ground and she will quickly crawl over and climb on you and bounce and smile like this.

Another cute moment as she plays with her Elmo.

This is the barrier we have made in the living room so that Kylie can't play with the toys Jayden wants to play with. She is trying with all her might to break through. She is like the Rapters on Jurassic Park, she tests the fences often in all the areas to find weaknesses.
She is so much fun but a challange. She is 100 % Kylie and not going to be anything else unless she wants it. She took her first steps on St. Patty's day. 10 months old! She loves baths, she loves food (wow, can she eat) and she loves anything that Jayden is playing with at the moment. She loves to wrestle and play cars. She can already drive a car across the room, and she loves to scream. She is very good at it. She is sneaky, she can hide and be real quiet so it is hard to find her, closets and under the kitchen table are her favorite places. She has recently learned to throw all of her stuff out of the crib, Jayden doesn't like the mess so he will clean it up for her :)
She is such a smiler and so much fun! She is so different from Jayden we feel like we are first time parents all over again but we feel so blessed to have them both in our lives.

Jayden at the terrible two's

I explain this picture below. If you will notice the tape holding the toy together.

Jayden playing with bubbles in the back yard.

Jayden and Daddy wrestling and rolling down the hill in the back yard together.

This is his I don't want to wear anything but my fireman boots and nothing else look.

Jayden is a mover in his sleep, I came in to check on him one night and this is how he was sleeping.

Jayden playing, "see you mommy!"

I love Jayden soooo much. He is my joy and he makes me laugh so much....but....he has reached the time that he tests me. More than usual. I have already told you that he is a little OCD. He likes things a certain way, well he has now discovered tape. It holds his toys together so Kylie can't break them, it fixes his books that he has torn, it keeps his train bridge from falling, etc. He has used all the tape in the house, so we go to Sam's Club yesterday and what does he want to hold on to in the cart? The tape I bought, he was so excited.
I told him this morning that he couldn't have a drink until he was dressed. He took off his pajama bottoms, but on a pair of shorts and ran and got the gallon of milk out of the fridge and brought it to me in his bedroom. I guess I should have been more clear :) We now have divided the living room up so that both kids are happy. We use the ottiman and the chair to make a corner of the room where Jayden can play and Kylie can't get his stuff. He spends a lot of time in that corner!
Jayden loves cars, trucks, trackters, motorcycles, etc. The other day we drove by a construction site and he said that there was a backhoe, he was right. CRAZY! He loves Mickey Mouse and Dora and Thomas the Train. He loves going outside to play or go for a walk. He hates bugs and usually doesn't like getting dirty. The other day he played in the dirt but then wiped his hands on the grass and said, "that is sooo gross".
He asks me almost everyday if he can go to church. The other day we were at church and waiting for the sacrament and Jayden wanted a snack. I told him he had to wait till the sacrament was over. I told him we need to be reverent during the sacrament and he said, "so we can think of Jesus." Yeah Friend Magazine. As we were driving by a church last week, it has a tall spire and a golden cross on top, he yells all excited, "temple". So he is listening and learning.
So don't think he is perfect... yet. We were at the grocery store and Jayden saw a man with a beard and longer hair and yelled that it was Jesus. Thankfully the man laughed. We have been trying to teach Jayden the correct words for his "private" area, so when he asks we tell him what it is. His new thing now is that when I put on his diaper, he waves at his penis and says, "bye bye penis, see you later". Oh Boy!