Friday, September 2, 2011

Trip to Wichita, KS

Why did we go there? I know you are curious. It is for a really weird reason. So we traded in our van for a Prius. Our awesome 1991 Olds died on us and so we have been one caring it for about a month. I guess we are spoiled because it was really tough. We had our morning debates about who got the car and why, sooo we decided we needed to get that truck.

Colby had specific ideas and we were on a tight budget so we were having a hard time finding what we wanted locally. There was a beautiful truck in Wichita, KS. So we left Sunday afternoon, stayed in a hotel checked out the truck on Monday. It was not what we wanted and so we drove back Monday afternoon. These are pictures from our trip. One of the coolest parts was this band of homemade windmills that a farmer had welded from old farm equipment. We had to stop and get a picture. The kids were laughing pretty hard at some of the designs.

It was pretty impressive to drive and see these.

The other really cool part of the trip was Dodge City, KS. The story of Dodge City is that back in the day, the city was part of the really wild west. It sat along the Sante Fe Trail and was reputed to be the most lawless town around. Famous figures like "Doc" Holiday and Wyatt Earp came into the town and in a crazy way brought the law back. There were so many murders in the town that there was a hill that they say the men were buried with the boots on and is called "Boot Hill". It was fun to feel like you were back in the west. There was a great train the kids played on and a historic downtown and lots of statues.

Kids on the train.

The Santa Fe trail goes through the area. There was a place you could stop and look at the wagon ruts still visible in the plains.

The bridge we are on is actually one of the "ruts" from the wagons. The wagons traveled in groups of four and as you look on the plains there are literally four deep areas as far as your eye can see.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hiking the Colorado Mountains

We went on one of the trails near our campsite. It was almost a mile and it was a lot of fun. The kids liked it and there were great views for pictures so I included some good ones.

Colby and the kids. This is early on in the hike.

I took a turn with the kids. Jayden found a walking stick.

We tried for a family picture but Jayden didn't like the sun in his eyes and Kylie wasn't going to cooperate, so this is the best one.

Our bro-in-law Kevin and Colby's Sis, Martilyn. Baby Rachel is so adorable!

We were on the hike and as you can see, Jayden and Colby hid behind the trees and then jumped out and screamed like Lions to scare us. I saw them before but Kylie jumped pretty good then continued to be a lion for awhile after.

Had to put this one in. This is his, I know it all and am the best, look. He is pretty much the best!

Martilyn and the backside of Colby.

Thought this was tender of Kevin holding hands with his little girl and Colby playing with Kylie and Jayden. Super Dads!

There were markers along the hike so you could tell how far you had gone. This marker was at the end of the hike and Jayden kept mumbling that he was tired as he leaned against it.

A little bit better turnout of a family picture. Wish we looked better, but what should I expect on the "morning after" a good campout.

A cute picture with Colby Jumping in.

Summer camping trip

So Martilyn, Kevin, Colby and I have talked about camping all summer long. I was hesitant because of the young kids but finally we decided to do it before the summer is over. We went to Meuller State Park and it was so cool! We had a great site and there was a lot of walking/hiking trails. The kids went crazy and helped gather firewood and just plain got dirty! I have to also note that we did not eat very healthy, can you when camping?

Martilyn and Rachel.

Me and the kids. They were playing with the rocks under the tent.
I hope you can see how dirty she is in this picture! She was in heaven.

Colby loading "stuff" back to the car.
Kylie, Jayden and Baby Rachel. Martilyn is a better Mom (look how clean and put together Rachel is :)

I don't know how this pic happened. They look so posed! It is so cute. They are getting so big!

Andrews Family Reunion

Every other year we have a big Andrews reunion in the summer. Since we have been in West Virginia the last three years we have been missing out on seeing family. It was such a fun reunion. We went to the Ute Stampede, played games in Grandpa and Grandma'a backyard and had the traditional talent show and auction. I was not very good again at getting my camera out and Mark was doing a great job but here are a few I got.

My cousins Jessica and baby Brinlee with Kristine and baby Ashley.

Jayden playing with some of the cousins.

This is the traditional sack race. The boy in the middle in the Gonzaga shirt is my nephew, Christopher. That is Justin's little boy.

Me and my bro Justin.

Colby and I enjoying the races (in the shade).

My Dad on the left, Chris in the middle and my Mom on the right. It was a relay race where you had to take a Lifesaver and transfer it from one toothpick to the next. I was laughing so hard I could hardly do it and finally had to cheat!

I want to thank Melvin and Catherine's family for their hard work and making it a great time together!

Time with Grandpa Andersen

I was not very good at taking pictures while we were visiting in Logan, but I did get some good ones of the kids with their Grandpa Andersen.

Jayden is telling Grandpa, I love you. Kylie is trying to sign it as well.

Jayden feeding cows with Grandpa. He would just sit there as still as possible and had so much fun. I am grateful Grandpa didn't mind him tagging along.

Tony's Grove

On our way to visit family this summer we drive through Logan Canyon and decided to stop at Tony's Grove. It was so beautiful. With all the rain and snow that they had it had just opened up a few days before. We couldn't walk around it because there was still so much snow.

We go for exercise for the kids since they are in the car all day and look who is getting a ride :)

Me and the kids on the bridge to get to the South end.

A picture of Colby with the kids. It shows how much snow was still there. The kids LOVED making snowballs in July.

I put this picture in because as soon as Colby did this, Kylie wanted to be Queen of the rock as well.

Our queen of the rock. Just like her Dad!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Biking in the driveway.

This is one of their favorite activities. They bike around the driveway. What is funny is that Kylie can't really ride her bike so she make car noises and then Jayden will come push her bike closer to his. They are so cute!

Potty Trained!

We are so excited! He did it, he is potty trained. For doing this, we stooped to bribery and he got this awesome truck with tractors! Have I said that we are excited?

Will Rogers Shrine

Up the mountain from the zoo in Colorado Springs is a very interesting building. I guess in the 1920's there was a very rich, eccentric man who decided to build a castle like shrine to Will Rogers. The lower room is made for singing, it has excellent acoustics. When we entered, there was a woman there singing opera and recording it. It was AWESOME! You climb up several levels, each level has a room with pictures of Will Rogers in it. Crazy!

Colby, Jayden and Kylie at the base of the building. Can you see the view?
Going up the stairs we stopped for a picture and then realized as I was showing Jayden the pictures that the men are naked. He asked me why. LOL!!
Here we all are at the top!
Colby and Kylie saying hi on the way down.
Jayden, Kyle and me by the shrine.

Jayden, Colby and Kylie smiling by the shrine as well. One of the weirdest things we have seen in awhile but glad we did it :)