Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Daily grind

I know it has been awhile since the last post. It seems like we have been really busy but I can't remember now what we have been doing. Colby survived midterms so we are excited. Just a few more weeks and we can have a break in the West. I am including a picture of Jayden starting to learn to crawl and one of him eating. We try to eat together so that he knows when mealtime is. As you can see one half is his and one half is our stuff (just out of reach of him). His reach is amazing! We should put him on the chair but for now it is harder to feed him that way. The other picture is of Jayden getting into trouble. All I did was go into the kitchen to put something in the garbage and when I came back he had opened the wipes and rolled in them. I have no idea how he did it so fast. The smile says it all!

We are excited for the weekends coming up. We are going to Gettysburg over 4th of July weekend and then the week after that we are going to New York City, Palmyra and Niagara Falls. Grandma and Grandpa Andrews, my brother Carl, and my parents are coming out with us for the New York trip. We can't wait!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dirt, Old men and Preaching

Yesterday was an eventful West Virginia day. Jayden and I decided to go for a walk downtown to see the sights and run a few errands. It was great and we saw several people we knew. As we were heading back we stopped at a friends house that lives downtown. They recently got 4 foster kids and it has been an adjustment for all of them. My hat is off to Becky and Alan. The kids are adorable and are Jayden's biggest fans. While we were talking outside I heard the youngest say Jaydens name and mention dirt. I was holding him facing away from me, and when I turned him around he had a fist full of dirt. He was drooling brown mud and he was smiling. I cleaned him off as best as I could and the whole rest of the time I was talking he was trying to bend over and get himself some more dirt.

After stopping to see friends we had two "moments" that could only be fully understood if you lived here. There is a historic courthouse downtown that has two benches up front. There are three older men that sit on these benches all of the time and they love to talk, comment on people walking by, etc. Well there were two gals in front of us on the sidewalk that they were catcalling to. As we walked past they commented on how cute Jayden was and got him to smile while they made funny faces at him. You know you are a Mom or old when the baby gets more attention then you do. I could have been invisible, my pride was hurt :)

Our next adventure was further down the street. We had heard about a street preacher that positions himself on a prominent street corner in Philippi. I had never seen him out until last night. He was yelling all sorts of things and talking to himself. I crossed to the other side of the street, he made me a little nervous. He was preaching across from a gas station and a crowd was building up arguing with him. I have to admire his courage to spread the word. His van was parked by him and in lettering that looked like tape was printed on the van "One for Jesus". Only if Jayden was just older to remember some of these cultural experiences.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Tooth

His tooth is harder to see then I thought, but he has a tooth on the bottom right. It seems to turn transparent whenever we try to get a picture of it or we try to get his mouth to open and he bites. Do you like his expression? He had a rough day. His second tooth broke skin today right next to the first one. I guess since he sleeps through the night there had to be something to cry about. He actually has done pretty good, he is a good kid.

So I know the last blog was about weather but we had a thunderstorm again this afternoon. It lightening and thundered and then we were without power for about 4 hours. I guess we should be used to it, we are learning when we hear a storm coming to turn everything electrical off.

I got your post Amy, and we can't wait to use the pool. I saw your pictures. Jayden "swims" daily in his blow up pool on the back porch. That one is only about two inches deep but last night we went to a friends house and they have a real pool. Jayden loved it and was kicking like crazy while he floated in his tube. I am glad he isn't afraid of water. We went to the river here on Friday and it was still high from the last storm and it was cold! I dared Colby to jump in and stay for 20 seconds. He did it! I had to make him cookies! Oh well, I get to help him eat them.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Crazy Weather

It has been crazy weather here the last few days. We had tornado warnings and it rained like I have never seen rain before. Roads were flooded and closed, sides of roads were washed away. We call some of the rocks here bleeding rocks and they weren't just bleeding they were gushing. Bridges were blocked and flooded, crazy! We were fine but there was some flooding at the end units. There is mud and rocks and sticks everywhere, the storm then went and hit Virginia and Maryland. As far as I know there was not a tornado that dropped here.

I got my hair cut yesterday. It is to my shoulders but I like it, a lot easier to dry and maintain. And Jayden can't reach as easy to pull it.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Sleepers!

I know it has been forever since our last blog. We did survive night two and three but I think by night three we were so tired that we don't remember if Jayden cried or not. It took about a week but he is sleeping through the night. The only downer is that he used to sleep till 8:00 a.m. but now he is up and hungry at 6:30 a.m. Now if we would only go to bed sooner then we would be good on our sleep.

This last weekend was blue and gray days in Philippi. It was the anniversary of the first land battle of the Civil War. Reenactments were done, there was good fair food and a great parade. When we showed up at the parade I was shocked to see so many people. There was more people at the parade then live in Philippi on a normal day. The picture shows Jayden waiting for the parade to start.

Colby is doing great in school. I am so proud of him. He has mostly night classes this semester and so today I had a "girl" day. I went and got my hair done and grocery shopped by myself (a heck of a lot faster). Colby watched Jayden and couldn't understand why he couldn't get much homework done at the same time :) The picture doesn't show Jayden trying to grab the keyboard with all his might. How do they know what they aren't supposed to play with and then that is all they want? Jayden is so much fun. He lives for the jumper, still. I don't know if he will be warped for life. Even as we are trying to get him to sleep in his crib at night, he is bobbing his head like he is jumping. His thighs are incredible, I should learn!