Sunday, October 31, 2010


Our sweet Kylie, ready for Halloween. She is a ladybug but wasn't too thrilled about the hat the went with the costume.
She is such a cute poser when she wants to be!
Jayden is a road for Halloween. I took duct tape and made a road then used industrial strength velcro to attach his favorite cars. He loved it and it was a big hit at the party.
The Andersen family. The road, the cat, the ladybug and the cowboy. It was a fun night!
I did get one of them together and her wearing her hat. You can tell by the look on her face she isn't happy about it!
Happy Halloween everyone!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Feeding the ducks

It was a lot of fun to go and feed the ducks. I have to be honest that the kids ate more bread then they threw to the animals. In fact it took some convincing to share with the ducks.

Colby and the kids feeding the ducks. Jayden is taking a big bite of bread instead of giving it to the ducks :)

A close up of Jayden and the ducks.
Jayden finally decided to share and gave them the bread on land instead of the water!
The ducks got braver and saw her handful of bread. She didn't hang around for them to steal it!
Just a fun pic!
Me and the kids by the pond.
Colby took a turn with the kids in the picture.

I liked the light in the background. Jayden and Kylie climbing the rails to look at frogs and fishes.

Super cute, can't believe I caught it, videos!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze

We went to the Canon City, CO pumpkin patch today and it was a lot of fun. Our camera battery is not working so we again used our Camcorder camera so the pics are not so hot but we still wanted to log and share the fun. Jayden was the corn maze leader and after a few minutes thought we were going to be lost in the corn forever. Kylie just wanted to grab everything, from corn cobs, to bunnies, to pumpkins. It was fun.

Kylie couldn't reach the bunnies so Daddy helped her get to pet them. Jayden was content to watch.
Jayden by the tractor. He loves stuff like this.
Kylie and Jayden in a great picture setting of pumpkins and straw. Could I get either one to look at me and the camera? Nope!
In the corn maze. Jayden is showing off a dry corn that he found.
We survived the maze and then went to get our pumpkins in the patch.
Kylie just went from one to the other sitting on them!

This is us on the hayride they gave us. You went on the street for a bit then through the middle of the corn maze. The corn maze part was bumpy and Jayden loved it!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Updates on the kids


Where does the time go?
Here is my punkin. She LOVES to try on shoes, she is walking around with my flip flops.
I got the camera out one morning and she comes over by me, sits down, and says, "Cheese!" So...I took a picture!


Just some current pics of him.

Jayden was so excited because he finished this puzzle on his own. It of course has all of his favorite trucks on it.
Since we have moved to Pueblo West, Jayden has found a best buddy. This is Bo and Jayden playing at our house, they are so cute when they are together. It really is a bond you don't see very often.


My cute duo, I was taking them for rides in the laundry basket. Might explain why it takes me so long to get the laundry done :)
Jayden, Kylie and our friend Max played at the mall together and had a lot of fun. I actually brought coins so that the car worked. You can see how excited they are as it starts to move and speak to them.

So Kylie can now say cheese. This is the face we get of her on every picture. She wanted to dress up in Jaydens swim shorts and Jayden was playing Superman. I asked Jayden if he could fly like Superman and he says, "Mom, that is silly, I don't have wings." I say, "You don't?" Jayden then says, "Maybe we can go to the store and get me some!"

Colorado Springs Air Show

This last Saturday we went to the local air show. It was awesome! Jayden was in heaven. There were planes parked everywhere, planes and jets were doing tricks in the air and they had an area with any kind of cool truck you can think of parked so that the kids could climb in them and honk the horns. Jayden is still talking about it! I can't wait to do it again, we got the tickets from Colby's work. A definite for next year, it was fun!

Jayden, Kylie and Dad watching the flying jet pass by.
I don't know how to turn the pictures but Jayden and Dad hanging out.
By one of Jayden's favorite flying things, the helicopter.
I love this picture. Jayden got to touch the wing of a huge cargo plane.
Jayden in the mail truck smiling.
Our family pic while there. Yes, I was there as well but none of me made it on the camera :)

Jayden posing by an old army jeep.

City Parade

Jayden liking the airport float.

We went to the city parade around fair time and all I remember was it was soooo hot. Of course we were late so we had to sit on the side with the sun. Jayden loved it and Kylie liked the bands and the horses. It was fun, I wish there had been candy, but next time we will go a little earlier!

Our post at the parade.
Kylie pointing at a passing attraction.