Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What being a Mom has taught me

I remember the days when I was young and would babysit often. At that time I was pretty confident in my abilities, I just knew that since I did such a great job at babysitting that I was going to be a great Mom. I also remember when Colby and I were first married and wanting kids so badly. I (in my nieve ways) thought that I would bargain with God and told him, quite often, that if I was blessed with kids I would never complain and just enjoy them. Nobody really tells you what it is like to be a Mom. OK, maybe they do, but maybe I wasn't listening. If they really told you what it was like, maybe our world population would be in trouble. So why this blog? I have since grown and have learned a few things since then. Here is what I have learned.

1. First of all, I love my kids more than life!

2. I am not a morning person. This is not good when you have kids because kids like to get up at all times in the morning. 1 a.m., 4 a.m., 6 a.m., etc. Sometimes all of the above in one night. I thought that once the nursing stage was over they would sleep through the night for the rest of their lives. Yyyyaaaawwwwnnn!

3. I don't think I will ever be able to go the bathroom or shower or workout again by myself. Now, I could shut them out and lock the door but that is just kid language for.... dump everything out of the kitchen cupboards, fight and wrestle with my sibling, wake up if I am sleeping, FREEDOM!, etc. You get the idea. And no, they have not napped yet so I am still not dressed for the day.

4. My kids can be happily entertained and playing on their own so I decide to make a phone call. The second I get into the phone call they will both NEED me or will, of course, cry, fight, scream, etc.

5. I was never going to be one of "those Mom's" who stuck their kids in front of the T.V. to be entertained. I owe my sanity too and would like to thank...... Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse, Dora, Chuggington, and any movie that lasts more then an hour.

6. Things that were simple before kids are not that way anymore. For example... going real quick to the store to pick something up, filling a prescription, going out to eat. You realize that the perks of being able to get out of the house are not worth all the work to prepare for the outing. Diaper bag, shoes, are their diapers fresh, where are their sippies, will they stay in their car seats, will they cry at the store, does the store have a cart to hold both or at least one child. Sometimes I will get in the car and the kids are ready but I realize that I am not. I haven't combed my hair, I forgot to brush my teeth, etc. I will tell you one thing, we sure get fast service at restaurants now and we are never offered the dessert menu!

7. There is a time and season for everything. Right now is not the season for me to have a clean house. Why? Because young kids are messy eaters. When I put the toys away it is more fun for them to empty the now full toy bins then any of the toys ever were. Because my windows will never be without hand or mouth prints. Someday..... (calm music playing)!

8. At this point I do not understand why Mom's would cry when their kid starts school. I dream of this day! If any Mom out there has forgotten why, they may borrow mine to remember that they should be so thankful.

9. I find myself quite regularly debating, negotiating, or arguing with my oldest Son. Now, I know that I am the adult but his skills are amazing. Where did this come from?

Example..."Mom, how about I have a snack of one Smartie and one cookie?" I respond, "You don't need a snack like that, how about a banana?" After some thinking Jayden says, "OK, how about just one cookie?" I say, "No, it's either a banana or grapes." Jayden then says, "I know, you have a cookie and I will have a cookie." "No," I say. Jayden, "OK, we will share a cookie."

Can you see how I get sucked in? He is very good. I can't lie, sometimes I give up and he gets his cookie!

10. I now recognize the "glaze" look. It is the look in a mothers eyes when she is at Walmart and her kids are crying. It is the look I get when we are in the car and they are being loud and we still have 30 minutes left till we get home. It is the look that Mom's have when the kids are finally in bed and it takes you a few minutes to unwind. Colby says it is like I am in another world. BINGO!

11. I have finally realized that being a SuperMom (world's standards) is totally overrated. I think it is more normal to feel crazy, happy, sad, frustrated, etc. I think that it is OK to "survive" some days. I think that it is OK to sometimes want to put you first. I think it is OK to be happy when your kids are finally asleep. I have learned that it all works out, as long as our kids know we love them and that we enjoy our journey. That is what is so cool, each of our journeys are unique!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some time with Grandparents

This is us in Logan visiting family. Grandma and Grandpa Andersen were great sports to let us have some pictures taken with them.
I will be forever grateful to Grandpa Andrews for going and getting his horses so that we could ride them before we had to leave. Jayden talked about them the whole drive home.
I was surprised because he was not scared one bit.
Mom, Kylie and Grandpa in their back yard.
Kylie with the horse, again she is our animal LOVER. She is in awe of them.
Jayden and Grandpa on the 4 wheeler. Jayden doesn't look to happy in this pic but he loved it.

Jayden with the horse.

Ahhhh, memories. It was so fun to make such good ones on this trip!