Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kylie's Big Day

Jim and Jaylene with Kylie on her special Sunday.

Grandparents with Kylie and Jayden.

The Andersen family on June 28, 2009 before church.

Here is our group of friends from Philippi that came to the blessing and then came for lunch afterwards. I think we are quite a good looking bunch :)
Colby did such a great job with the blessing. I am so excited for this special day and we love Kylie and Jayden so much! Thank you to all who have helped so much while we grow!

Kylie's Baby Blessing Dress

This post is mostly for my Mom. She wanted to see Kylie in her dress. Here are a few pictures. The dress she picked out is beautiful!

Kirtland with the Andersens

We visited Kirtland, OH again with Colby's parents. This is during the tour of the village, I didn't get to see most of it because Kylie was hungry and Jayden was feeling wild. This is us hanging out.

Colby and Jayden, best buds!

Our family in front of the Kirtland temple.

Jim and Jaylene, Colby's parents, in front of the temple.

Jayden, Colby and Jaylene waiting for the temple tour.
It was so fun to have Colby's parents come out for Kylie's baby blessing. We went to Kirtland, OH and saw the church sites while they were in town. It was funny to see 6 of us piled into one car, but we made it and it was fun. It is good to remember church history and remember the sacrifices others went through so that the gospel could spread on the earth!

My two cuties!

We got a new double stroller last week to help me get around town. I had just finished putting it together when Jayden took it over. He would climb in and out, grab is drink, his cars and sit there like he was the man! He loved it and I got to enjoy his smiles!

Jayden loves to give Kylie kisses. Sometimes a little too much! I was lucky and got a picture of one.

I had to include this picture because I love the movie Zoolander and this is her Zoolander modeling pose! It makes me laugh when I look at this!

One morning I decided to give Kylie a bath. I filled the tub with water and then went to undress her. When I came back in the bathroom, there was Jayden sitting in the tub with all his clothes on. He had even gotten his ball and was having a blast. Needless to say there was a lot of laundry to do that week :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Jayden and Colby at Blackwater Falls

The family at the falls

Jayden dunking his EL Fudges like Dad

Jaydens favorite thing to do to scare me!

Latest pic of Kylie

So I haven't been very good at blogging lately. I feel like I am just surviving. She has been pretty fusy so we went to the doctor several times. She is now on a good formula and some medicine and we have a new baby. The last few days have been heaven!
This last Saturday we went to Blackwater Falls. It is a few hours away and it was fun and beautiful. We keep thinking that we should do trips like this more often. Colby finished his first rotation. It was at the E.R. here and he had some fun stories of things he got to do while on shift. It is fun to see him get to use what he has learned!
We are doing well, hope all is good with y'all :)