Friday, December 10, 2010

Some new Family Pictures

We recently had family pictures taken and I think they turned out good. We loved the photographer and had fun at the same time. The kids did good... at not looking at the camera and Kylie didn't want to smile... but that is life! We wanted to share them with you.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Oreo Snitcher!

I don't even think I need words for this one. I heard a commotion in the kitchen and when I went to see what it was, I heard quick pattering of little feet and a little girl run around the corner. I found her down the hall trying to escape into her room with her snitched Oreo. She is quick, a skilled pantry climber and obviously happy. This is her, I won, laugh. Kylie - 1,341 Mom - 2.

Thanksgiving Weekend

Our family has had a run of sickness. It lasted about 4 weeks. Thanksgiving was at the tail end of all of this, so we decided to stay home and just enjoy the day as a family. I am glad we did because of the storms in Washington and Utah. It was wonderful!! We had ham instead of turkey, blueberry pie instead of pumpkin, we made it just how we like it. We made dinner together, we played with toys, listened to Christmas music, got ready for Christmas....

O.K., I am a little embarrassed but this was my first time ever making a pie. Crust and all. Colby had to document this. It didn't turn out too bad, the hardest part was rolling the dough into a circle that was even. Oh well, I am now not so afraid to do it again.
Colby and the kids dancing to Christmas music. Their favorite is Jingle Bells.
Trains before....
Trains after! Colby and Jayden built it, Kylie destroyed it. She is a good train city monster.

Jayden putting the angel on the tree. He was excited, as you can tell.