Friday, April 4, 2008

In Walla Walla

I am in Walla Walla visiting my parents for a few days. It has been fun to see people and visit family. Nicole taught me today about blogging and said that I need to get with the program and keep in touch so that I can let people know what is going on on the East Coast. Colby is in West Virginia catching up on school and probably sleeping great since we are here. Jayden flew here well, in fact I was asked if I had given him sleeping pills. I didn't think he was that quiet!

It was Colby's birthday last week. I made him a women cake, by request, and it was a hit. It was as modest as possible :)

Jayden is well and a happy baby. He doesn't want to sit, he wants to just stand all the time. He is starting to grab things and can put his binky back in his mouth. He is huge and can down a bottle so fast. Colby is proud!

I am sitting here right now with Audrey, Shauna oldest daughter. She is 3. She wants to type with me and is helping me to make sure my blog looks pretty.

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