Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This is Jayden and his buddy Grant Godfrey. Grant got this great new pool and invited us over to cool down. They had a lot of fun in it.

Jayden and Grant still in the pool.

Jayden is trying to catch the bubbles that I am blowing while playing in the pool at our house.

He is so funny, he couldn't rest until he could try to blow bubbles. He did it!

Colby holding Jayden and Kylie. This is commen because Jayden wants in on the action!
We are doing good and just enjoying the summer. As you can see we spend a lot of time in our little pools, but they don't know the difference yet! Colby is on his third rotation and doing so good, we can't believe we are getting so close to the end.
So I am feeling good and somewhat back to normal. I did my thing I do after I survive the first few months and got a haircut, new glasses, etc. I am sure you get my drift, I feel like a new women!

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Kristine said...

That is so cute! I love watching little kids try to blow bubbles. The other day Jayden was trying to blow bubbles and wasn't successful, but he kept putting his mouth to the stick thing and went to talk and blew a bubble out of his mouth. LOL! Kylie is getting so big. And she is adorable. I'm so glad you are feeling good and like a woman! It's weird, but you have to actually do stuff for yourself now to feel that way. I am the same way! We missed you guys at Tahoe!! :( I think our Jayden's could get into a lot of mischief together. From what you have showed and told us about him, they seem a lot a like. So interested in everything, that it's hard to keep up with him!