Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Birthday Boy!

Jayden turned 3 years old! This is our family party for him.
Opening presents. This one is from Grandma Young.
Blowing out his cupcakes. He was so excited!
Jayden, how old are you? He is trying to put three fingers up. He is still working on that.
He had a friend tractor party. This is opening presents.
Jayden blowing out his candle. Max and Bo by his side.
Its a dark picture, but this is the picture of everyone there. We are so glad they came and played with us!

I loved this idea. A piƱata, filled with Halloween candy we didn't use during the holiday!

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Holly said...

What a fun party! I had a birthday boy 3 days later...doesn't it make it so hard to celebrate birthday's with Christmas on its I am like what do I get him for Christmas!?
Your little guy is so cute and the party looked so fun!