Monday, May 5, 2008

Circus, Circus

We went to the circus and it was fun. Jayden loved the dogs who did tricks. It was a small circus and pretty costly to get in, but fun. I am so glad Jayden is small, they were pros on trying to sell kids some of the circus toys and "stuff". Jayden didn't know what he was missing.

We had the funniest experience yesterday. We have a pond by our apartments and there is a family of geese that live there. If the family of babies are by the road, the male geese tries to protect his babies and will chase after your car. It is the funniest thing. On our way to church yesterday he tried to chase us down. I was laughing so hard, I am going to get a picture next time.

I went to the grocery store the other day in Philippi, it is a small store but is great for emergencies. I had what I call a West Virginia moment while I was there. When I drove in there was a horse and buggy parked in one of the parking spots. I thought that was different because we don't have any Amish in the town that I am aware of. They have a community a 1/2 hour away. As I came out of the store with my stuff, I saw two teenager boys dressed in jean shorts jump in and take off down the road. After the initial shock, I learned that I should have never complained that I had to drive an old suburban when I was younger. I also wonder if the trend will spread because of high gas prices. Colby thought it was cool and says we should get one!

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madsens said...

HOw fun. Michelle. I was just checking kire's email and saw your email that you had a blog. HOw fun. I love keeping in touch this way. It will be fun to keep in touch with you.