Saturday, May 17, 2008

Summer break in Ohio

Colby had summer break this week and we were planning on going to Virginia Beach but it didn't happen. I got sick and then the rain just kept coming. So instead we rested and I planted some flowers in pots and we went to the Columbus, OH temple.

It was a lot of fun. We got a great deal on an awesome hotel. They had a kitchen and everything. My most exciting moment was that they had two T.V.'s so that I could watch what I wanted while Colby was watching the Jazz game. My sincere empathy to Jazz fans out there, Colby is taking it pretty hard (esp. since it was the Lakers).

We went to separate sessions on Saturday morning and then afterwards went to this great custard ice cream chain. Colby says it was flipping good. It reminded us of the place in St. George, UT. So it is a small world. We are in the temple and Colby sees a buddy from High School. Eric Sutherland is going to dental school in Ohio and we happened to go to the same session. That was fun.

Jayden can now sit up on his own. It is a big step for him because he only ever wants to jump and stand. We thought he would skip this step. He is so much fun, he laughs and plays and just is a happy baby. We sure love him like crazy. I was planting flowers the other day and after I was done I noticed a brown spot on my pants. Colby asked me what it was. I said it is either chocolate, poop or dirt. He dared me to taste it, I told him those days are over and just changed my pants. :)

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m&agodfrey said...

YAH!!! Jaden can sit!! That is so much fun!! I'm so sorry you got sick. However I'm really excited that you got to go to the temple. So I haven't posted this on the blog yet, but we hit a freaken deer on our way home from D.C. So yes we are glad Matt's parents got to come out and experience our luck of 2008. 2300 Dollars worth of Damage!!!! Crazy huh! Talk to you soon, glad you had a good break.