Saturday, July 19, 2008

Crazy New York

We made it to New Jersey now we had to find out the best way to get to New York. We found out the airport shuttle would drop us of at a bus stop to catch the 107 to New York City. We waited at the bus stop for about an hour a little nervous that we didn't have it right. Then we found out we needed exact change and no one did. Dad wanted me to be first with the baby so the bus driver would have sympathy for us. I wasn't first but he let us get on, they just kept the "extra" change. When we got in the city we bought tickets for those hop on hop off buses that circulate the city. We got on and rode to the Empire State Building, our first stop. The lines were crazy! We were so glad we had bought our tickets online! All in all the view was incredible and it was worth it, it just took us about three hours! After that we got on the bus and got off and ground zero. It is a construction site but you can peek through and see what they are doing. They are still taking apart the foundation of the towers. I can't wait till the future to see when they have completed the memorial/project.

We were hungry by then and I had done some research on the internet because Mom and I wanted to try authentic New York style pizza. Carl works at a pizza place and he wanted to see if his job was secure :) This experience ranks second only under the Applebees adventure. We were seated and we ordered a large pizza to share with breadsticks and a pitcher of root beer. Well the bread sticks were delivered and they were different. They were like a thick sourdough stick. Carl made a production about being able to bite through them. I should have known then that we were in trouble. Well the pizza came and if you don't know about New York pizza it is thin with more of an oven baked crispy crust. Grandpa didn't like it! He kept talking quite loudly that they had forgotten the cheese and it was so thin that it was like burnt cardboard. He was hilarious, the server probably didn't think so but I was smiling. Anyways I liked it because it was an experience and it was different but Colby and I like to try new foods. Grandpa jumped up because he wanted to pay so that he could tell the gal that the pizza was overrated. Poor Grandma was trying to stop him with no luck. Dad jumped up just to monitor the situation. It was all well and on the way out I told the gal that I like it. We got a picture in front of the store about Lombardi's puts a smile on your face, kind of ironic. From then on I was not allowed to pick another place to eat :)

That night Colby, Carl and I went to the Broadway play Phantom of the Opera while the others watched Jayden. Carl was great, before it started he said that if it was too cheesy he was going to sleep. He LOVED it and talked about it the rest of the trip. He is converted! It was awesome. Afterwards we walked down Broadway and found an Irish place to eat. The food was not different but our waiter was an authentic Irishman.

All in all a great day with lots of great adventures. We were all having a lot of fun!

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Kristine said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I do love New York City just because it's so different from reality. But I have to say I was not impressed with the pizza very much at all. And Also, the hot dogs on the street carts, that you see in all the movies, not impressed there either. But I'm so glad that Carl is converted to phantom. It is my all time favorite!!!