Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day Two

On our second day we left early to take the ferry from New Jersey to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. It was fun to see both, I do wish that we were able to go up in the Statue further but since 9/11 they only let you go to the pedestal. Still it was a lot of stairs (some decided to fully experience everything) and the City skyline was awesome. Again a lot of lines so we weren't able to ferry back to New York till about 1:00. Mom, Dad and Grandma and Grandpa took a taxi to get to their Broadway play of Lion King. Carl and Colby and Jayden and I stayed in Battery park and ate lunch from one of the hot dog kiosks. We then decided to bus tour Brooklyn and it was long, it took two hours and we were all so tired we were falling asleep. When we looped around we were so tired and ready to go home that we got off at Rockefeller Center and walked to the bus station. We went to a triple decker McDonald's to eat, that was fun. When we got back to the hotel Mom, Dad and Colby went to get our car that we left at the ferry terminal. They got back 2 hrs. later because they were lost. Guess what happened the next morning? Bonnie (the Tom-Tom) was changed to Richard :)


Anne said...

Glad that you had fun! It is kind of interesting to see some of those things. Love the pictures and the pizza story! :O)

Kristine said...

We went to a triple decker McDonalds too. We needed to use the bathroom, but they would only let us use it if we bought something. CRAZY!!