Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crazy Days

On a walk.

The door is so tempting for him.

Our piano star. Thank you, thank you very much.

This shows his teeth.

It has been raining the last few days and Jayden and I are going pretty house crazy. Good luck this winter! At the same time Jayden is teething pretty bad. When this is over he will have 8 teeth. Obviously he is learning how to use his teeth and is leaving his mark on his books, binkys, CD covers, etc. He has also learned to use his hight to explore things. The pictures show him at the piano, the front door, he can now open my bedside table and pulls out all my chapsticks! Never a dull moment.

Colby is busy at school. His classes are pretty intense and last week he had to do 15 hrs. in our clinic care. He has a dermitology book that he keeps trying to find new pictures in to gross me out, it works :) He is leaning towards something exciting in the field, the clinic was pretty slow. Colby and I have a babysitter this weekend, what are we doing? We are going to the adult session of stake conference. It is a great cheap date.

So I have been thinking politics lately. I wasn't too excited about either canidates and I was thinking about not voting....Colby was shocked. But, I really like Sarah Palin. I don't know why but a Mom of five can do anything! The sass she has too is pretty fun. Is it bad to vote for a president because you like the V.P.?


Anne said...

Sounds like you are all staying busy! My boys have always learned how to open the door and sneak away to early. It is really bad when they learn how to undo the deadbolt! Good Luck!

Matt, Amy, and Grant said...

He is so stinken cute!! I've been waitin for the pack n play pict. :) I remember Colby talkin about it in our delightful Park apt. We can't wait to see you guys at Stake Conf. If you are wondering where I'll be...it's in the halls chasing Grant most likely :) Come find me :)

Kristine said...

He is getting so big. I love how he stands on his toes so that he can reach the door.. Super cute little guy!!