Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day in Ohiopyle

This is Baby Grant, Amy, Jayden, Abby, Ashton, Liz and Brooklyn. The guys didn't want to be in the picture.

Jayden didn't like the cold water. He would cling to Colby when he tried to put him in.

Here is the slide and the girls going down.

Colby and Matt on the bike ride.

This is Grant and Jayden getting ready for the ride. For the first few minutes Jayden kept trying to touch him. Grant was pretty cool about it.

This Labor Day was a lot of fun. We went with some friends to Ohiopyle state park in Pennsylvania. It has bike trails, a river to swim and a natural rock water slide. First we all went on a bike ride, the trail was great and Jayden rode in a bike trailer with his bud Grant. We then had a picnic and went swimming. The swimming didn't last too long because Jayden didn't like the cold water but he liked the part where he got to crawl around in the sand and dirt. I don't think he swallowed too much! Then we hiked to the water slides and the adults took turns going down. You had to push yourself down sometimes but it was fun.

So Jayden has a new thing. He tries to talk and grunt and he sounds like he is speaking Chinese. He even waves his arm when talking so that you know he is serious. It is so fun. One of these times I am going to actually catch it on camera.


madsens said...

That looks like so much fun. What a fun place.

Matt and Amy said...

It was such a fun day!! We are so glad we did it. Hey when you get a sec you'll have to send me those picts.

Anne said...

That looks like such a neat place. How far away is that from where you are? It seems like you guys are really good at making things happen! You are always doing something adventurous, even if it is going to the store and walking past some strange men! :O)