Monday, January 19, 2009

Holiday Packing Fun

Our sooo cool cowboy.

Climbing the boxes we have just packed.

We packed our books and he loved sitting here in teh bookshelf like it was his own special seat.

Colby took Jayden for a ride down the stairs, he giggled the whole way.

It has been a fun day. Because of the Holiday, Colby didn't have school so we decided to get started packing. That is we did as much packing as we could between Colby's celebrations about the Steelers making it to the Superbowl. Colby would celebrate and wave his arms and Jayden would copy, it was hilarious. I talked to my Dad today and he has decided to go for Arizona just to keep things exciting :)

Packing was funny too because we would pack a box and Jayden would either pull things out our try to climb in. It is wierd having our walls bare, it is exciting for our next phase but a little hard to leave. We have come to love Philippi. But at the same time when we were in Morgantown we were so excited about all the stores and convinences.

So I am 25 weeks and starting to feel it. I now sleep with three pillows and know it is only going to get funner! After all this sport stuff and male bonding today I am really excited that I am having a girl. Still no name ideas (poor thing) but we are getting a lot of ideas and soon one will click. Happy Martin Luther King Day!


Anne said...

A girl!!!!! How exciting. I hope you are feeling okay. Don't over due it on packing....sounds adventurous.

Molly said...

Have fun packing!