Friday, February 6, 2009

The move was successful!

One of our first outings in Morgantown. It was Amy's Birthday and we celebrated at Chili's, it was a lot of fun.

He loved this shelf and kept climbing through.

His favorite thing to do when I am trying to put laundry away!

Jumping in one of the boxes as we were packing.
So we are moved and it went good. We were able to move in one day and are moved in except for some boxes to organize and figure out how to store. I can not lie, I am tired but so glad we did this now instead of waiting till I am farther along. I do miss Colby on the days he has to commute but Jayden gives him a big welcome when he gets home.
Jayden is finally feeling comfortable here and realizing that this is home. He loves that is toys and room is all on one level, so am I! We sure appreciate all of the support and help during the move!

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