Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So we have lived in Morgantown for about 2-3 weeks and have already been in most of the hospitals in the town. Our first visit was a week ago Sunday. Jayden was in the nursery room and sitting on those little kid chairs and had a crayon in each hand. He went to get off the chair and lost his balance and wouldn't let go of the crayons and fell. His head hit another chair and he split open the skin by his left eye. It wasn't very deep but we felt we should have it looked at so we went to the E.R. They gave him 4 stitches. He did pretty good....until we had them removed. He remembered and freaked out! The bad thing was I took him by myself and when I got home I cried and we all went out for ice cream. (for Jayden's sake :)

Then this last Saturday I went to a walk in clinic because I had a UTI. And I was nervous because I heard that was not good while pregnant. While in the clinic my back started hurting pretty bad and I had the fever and shakes. I was pretty scared and I think I scared the doctor there who said I needed to go to the hospital to have it checked out so that we could be sure no harm was coming to the baby. Well three days later I was released from the hospital. I had a pretty severe Kidney infection and they were worried it would start preterm labor so I was monitored pretty carefully. I am grateful for little things (tender mercies) like that it was Valentines Day and Colby was a tropper and there for me, I am thankful for great pain medicine, I am thankful that we have such a supportive ward who has taken care of Jayden, Colby and me while I recooperate, and I am thankful all is well with the baby.

So, I haven't quite decided yet if 2009 is officially jinxed for us just yet. It has only been two months out of 12, we will just cross our fingers and hope the good luck continues. Thank you again to all who have helped us out during this time!


Anne said...

I am so sorry! That is no fun! I would love to tell you that it will end with Jayden, but I am still taking children to the clinic and the hospital, trying to figure if they are okay or fix the obvious. Last year we were sending a family member to the ER for stitches or surgery for the first couple of months. I thought it was going to continue throughout the year. It was over by March or April. I will cross my fingers that it ends soon for you too!

madsens said...

wow. glad everything ended up ok. That's no fun. you only have a couple months left till the baby comes right? When is your due date again I was thinking April? Hang in there

Molly said...

Geez Louise! Moving, hospital, hospital.....Hopefully you are all done with that. How's the pregnancy going? Wish I could see you sometime. Who knows when! For now I will have to be content with blogging! Hope the rest of your year is a little less eventful!