Sunday, May 24, 2009

The next few weeks

Jayden reading one of his favorite books.

Kylie, being dolled up. Who says I am afraid of pink?

Tired and sharing my lap. This happens a lot now!

So the following story will be great birth control for those who do not have kids yet or are not sure when to have the next one, funny to those who are finally past this stage, or pity and sympathy from those with young ones.
It had been a ruff night, I had finally made it to sleep at about 3 a.m. because she was so fussy she wouldn't stay asleep. At about 7:15 a.m. Jayden wakes up, but not in a good mood. He is screaming. So he wakes up Kylie and me. I go get Jayden out of the crib and he continues to cry for almost an hour. I am thinking of EVERYTHING to make him stop! I finally think he is calmed down enough to eat breakfast. First of all he gets mad when I give him the wrong cereal, so I fix it. Well he takes about 4 bites and then takes the bowl of cereal and throws it while he decides to start screaming again. I put Kylie down, clean up the mess and he continues his tantrum. He starts to get destructive and shakes Kylies packnplay that she is in and wakes her up again. As I am comforting her she has a major blowout that comes through her clothing. As I am cleaning her up I decide that she needs a bath. Jayden is in the bathroom and while I am bathing her decides to start throwing his bath toys in the tub. Kylie does not get hit due to a few good saves on my part but as I look over I see several of Kylies diapers floating in the tub and Jayden laughing while he tries to put in another one. After she is dressed, I decide to put him in his room and I shut the door so that I can breathe for a minute. It finally gets quiet and I am feeling pretty proud of myself. I go to let him out and I find that he has emptied the bottom two drawers of Kylie's dresser. When he comes out he realizes that I am not holding Kylie so he wants to be held. He finally calms down. I look at the clock thinking that it must be close to lunch time by now, nope! It is only 9:30 a.m.!
I think I cried then pressed on! The next day we were getting family pictures and Jayden wasn't happy then either. We put him in the cart to push around and when we weren't looking he decided to climb out and fell and chipped a tooth.
I tell myself that I will make it! Life would be boring if there weren't stories like this to tell!


Anne said...

Well....I am glad that you are all adjusting! I guess it takes longer from some than others. Way to hang tough!!!! I find that crying on occasion always makes things better for me. I hope that things improve and Jayden finds more of his sweet smiles to share. The suspicious smiles just aren't as cute sometimes. Good Luck with the sleep, you are an AMAZING mother!!!!!

Kristine said...

First of all I just LOVE that little dress! She is such a doll! Isn't it fun having pink around the house a little? Secondly, I am so sorry! I totally understand! We've had a few days like that ourselves! Sometimes I wonder why on earth we had our kids so close. Other days I just love it. But my Jayden has yet to empty out any drawers! Sorry for ya on that one! Love the post tho. Keep up with the fun stories! It's wonderful to catch these fun, or terrible days!!