Sunday, May 24, 2009

Welcome Kylie Marie!

The before picture, on our way to the hospital.

Kylie Marie, born on May 7 at 12:03 p.m.

Jayden getting one of his first looks at his new baby sister.

Kylie sleeping at the hospital.

The first Andersen family picture.

On our way home!

Kylie Marie Andersen

So, she was two days late but she is here and that is what matters. I went to the doctor on Wednesday morning and begged for him to induce. He agreed and we went into the hospital that night. Surprise, when they checked I was already at a 4 by that morning and she arrived at noon on the 7th without any help (except an epidural, I am only human!). I don't know how to answer if people ask if I was induced. It was a great delivery and we feel she is such a blessing, she is beautiful in every way to us.
She was 8 lbs. 3 oz. and 20 1/2 inches long. She has a lot of dark hair that we hope she keeps and long fingers and toes. At this point, her and Jayden have a love/hate relationship. He is fasinated by her but a bit jealous. If I hold or feed her he wants to be on my lap or he does something that gets my attention. He loves to give her kisses and loves to show me where her nose is!
Yes, I am tired. It is a rare moment when Jayden and Kylie nap at the same time but Colby has been a great help! My parents came out and helped soooo much as well. I couldn't do it without them all. Thanks for all of the love and support we have received!


Anne said...

She is so BEAUTIFUL! We are so happy for you and glad the delivery went well. It doesn't work to say sleep when the baby sleeps when you have two children. Maybe a peaceful rest with the two of you hanging out on the couch would work? I don't remember having any major jealousy issues with our boys, but I remember Kari and Chris were concerned about it. I think Grandma told me this (a long time ago), Chris would always make sure he said hi to Caroline before he would talk to Scott (the baby). Kari could give you more details, but it seemed like I heard that and it seemed to work. Good Luck!

AmyJ said...

Welcome Kylie! I am so jealous of all of her hair. Hang in there!

madsens said...

YEah Congrats. I was just asking my mom the other day if you had had her yet. I hadn't heard. so Yeah Congratulations. Good luck with everyday. Kire doesn't know why my memory is so short. he says he remembers how hard and stressful and tireing it is with a new born. but I seem to forget. hang in there

Kristine said...

YAY! Michelle, she is gorgeous!! I'm so happy everything is good. And I'm with ya 100% on the epidural! I wouldn't do it any other way. I guess unless my child decides to come too quickly! Good luck with 2? I think it was about 2 months before I actually felt like I wasn't CONSTANTLY tired!! And sometimes they actually nap at the same time now! YAY! Sadly my 5 month old is still not sleeping thru the night, but then again neither is Jayden half the time!!! :)

Mindy B said...

Congrats you guys!! She is darling! Have fun with TWO now. :)

Molly said...

Oh my gosh, she is sooo cute! congratulations! I also read your other post about your crazy day. I know exactly how you feel. You can laugh about it later or when it happens to someone else, because we all know what it feels like to go through those days. I usually eat something! Just keep reminding yourself how blessed you are to have those two beautiful children! My trial right now are my two oldest who fight CONSTANTLY! I guess we all need prayers and encouragement!