Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kirtland with the Andersens

We visited Kirtland, OH again with Colby's parents. This is during the tour of the village, I didn't get to see most of it because Kylie was hungry and Jayden was feeling wild. This is us hanging out.

Colby and Jayden, best buds!

Our family in front of the Kirtland temple.

Jim and Jaylene, Colby's parents, in front of the temple.

Jayden, Colby and Jaylene waiting for the temple tour.
It was so fun to have Colby's parents come out for Kylie's baby blessing. We went to Kirtland, OH and saw the church sites while they were in town. It was funny to see 6 of us piled into one car, but we made it and it was fun. It is good to remember church history and remember the sacrifices others went through so that the gospel could spread on the earth!

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