Friday, January 21, 2011

Journal Entry for me

So, this blog is for me. Not that I don't mind sharing but my blog is the best I am doing right now to journal. Warning: A lot of bragging ahead. I felt like I wanted to do an update on the kids so I can track their progress better. I think this will be fun!


Age: 3
Weight: 32 lbs.
Height: Tall
Shoe size: 10 Toddler

Jayden is such a good kid. He is one of those kids who just wants to be good and please you. He is a big helper, he puts soap in the dish washer, he empties out the clean clothes of the dryer, he likes to wipe off the table and he is the best dust pan holder around. He is a good big brother because he tries to protect Kylie and he lets me know if she is doing something she shouldn't. The other day I heard him threaten to put her in time out! He is not very good at sharing right now but he solves this by "trading" his toys with Kylie. He finds her something else she might like and then takes the one he wanted from her. What is funny is that usually Kylie doesn't mind.

He loves to talk (a lot) and is already is a master negotiator. His understanding of things is almost creepy, if he doesn't understand he will ask until he does. When he finally gets it, it sticks. He loves to sing and is very good at rhythm. If he sees something cool he will sing about it. In fact he is very animated, he doesn't hold back on how he feels and tells you all about it. He loves the song "Down" by Jay Sean. If he likes a song on the radio he will tell me to turn it up loud and then will shake his head. If he doesn't like it he asks me to change it to a better one :) I think music will be one of his joys.

He is my picky eater. Texture is a big deal for him. Of course his favorite things aren't very good for him. He likes chicken nuggets, root beer, ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, etc. You get the idea. In fact he LOVES chocolate! He likes to drink milk, man he is a milk boy!

He is really into trains, tractors, trucks and airplanes right now. He can tell you which one is which and why they do this and how the work. Yesterday he was telling me all about the motorcycle engine. He told me it is like a car engine but smaller and takes gas. I have no idea where he learned that! He wants to go to school so bad so that he can ride in a bus. I have learned that if we are in the car and he screams with excitement, not to be worried, because it usually means he sees a tractor or truck he likes.

He loves books. We go to the library often and it is fun for him. He like to read them to me by explaining the pictures. He counts to 20 and knows some of his letters but he is getting really good and adding things. He likes to watch on T.V. - Umi Zumi, Dora, Go Diego Go, Mickey Mouse club house, and Max and Ruby. He watched the movie Transformers with me the other day and that is now a favorite, he tells me I need to be careful or the bug in his toys will transform and get me!

Right now it is really important for me to know that he is a "big boy" and that he has lots of muscles. When I try to treat him like Kylie (or a girl) he doesn't like it and he lets me know. He can almost dress himself and we are working on potty training. He is not very interested in that. Lets see, what else? He likes to dance and jump off things and he really enjoys being outdoors. He likes to play hide and seek with Daddy. He is my gear, fix it man. We got him a bike and he likes to ride it but he turns it on it's side and "fixes" it more.

In a nutshell, I LOVE HIM LIKE CRAZY! It is so fun to watch him grow and learn his personality.


Age: 1
Shoe size: 6

Favorite things: Cats (animals in general), eating and shoes.

It is so much fun because Kylie and Jayden are quite different. Where Jayden likes things a certain way, Kylie is more laid back. She is a lot of fun, and man can she tease. She likes to take things she is not supposed to, when you are not looking, and then run and hide with them till you find her. She is pretty independent and a lot stubborn (just to be stubborn). She will do things when she wants to and in her own way. She likes to cuddle and put her head on my shoulder. She is a great sleeper and actually doesn't mind being in the crib. It helps calm her down.

She loves cats. At this point all animals, except lions, talk with a meow. She can roar like a lion pretty good. She likes to surprise you and roar. She loves to read books, I will sit on the couch and she will bring me book after book to read. She is starting to talk and says a few words regularly. No,Mommy, Daddy, train, ball, balloon, cat, cookie, juice, bottle and shoe. Now that doesn't mean she doesn't know how to communicate. She can grunt and scream with the best of them. Usually loudly. She loves shoes, she will wear anyones shoes around and loves it. She likes to pick out her own shoes to wear everyday and does a pretty good job at it. What is funny is that in the house she likes to wear shoes but when she rides in the car she is always taking her shoes and socks off.

She is not really a girlie girl. She will sit still and let me do her hair but then she likes to pull it out. I think that is part of the teasing mentioned above. She doesn't like dresses or baggy clothes because they get in her way of playing. Right now she really likes to play with her stuffed animals, cars and her Weebles toys. Actually she likes to play with anything Jayden is playing with, she loves to follow him and do what he does. She is very ticklish. She is an observer. I don't know how to explain it except for when you look in her eyes you can tell she is picking up and observing everything. When I go to the YMCA she will sit on the stairs of the playground and just watch the other kids. She is not a fan of men, in fact she will step away and stare them down or put out her hand and say No.

She is such a good eater. In fact she would eat every second of the day if I let her. If it is really good she hums um mm while she eats. She is not as much of a sweet eater like Jayden, she likes more of the crackers and chips. In fact she puts a lot of stuff in her mouth that isn't even food, I have to watch her :)

Kylie is a bit more graceful then Jayden. I think she is going to be quite coordinated. She is my trouble maker and I pray often she uses her drive and determination for good. I love her so much and can already tell she is in our family to bring us joy and balance. I can't wait for her to be able to talk more so I can listen while her and Jayden share there special play moments.

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