Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yes, it snows in Pueblo!

This was our first snow storm. It was about a week before Christmas and it snowed that night. In the morning Jayden comes running through the house yelling, "Mom, it snowed, it snowed. It is Christmas." Before breakfast he wanted to go and play in the snow. At least he let us dress him first. :)
We only got a couple of inches but that didn't matter to Jayden. Kylie did not like it at All! She cried and we had to bring her back in but we got a picture first.
The latest storm happened this last weekend and Colby and I took them outside to play while it was still snowing, before it got dark. Kylie liked it this time.
Kylie and Jayden went down the slide, with the snow it was a fast ride :) We made tons of snow angels!
This is this last Monday morning. Kylie was throwing snow on the window trying to get me while I was taking some pictures!
We made a huge snow pile on the deck. It wasn't great snow for a snow man but a pile was just as great. This is the smaller version, they jumped on it so many times the snow was getting scattered. Jayden is on the pile showing me his muscles!
Oh My Gosh! First of all Kylie posed for this picture and she smiled. That is amazing! After Jayden was on it she wanted to get her picture taken.
Kylie taking the dump truck out in the snow to play with.

Jayden and Kylie playing with the trucks in the snow. Kylie would push snow to Jayden and he would scoop it with the bucket into the dump truck. I love it when they play so good together.

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