Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting into the new house

I know that it has been three months since the last blog. I don't really have an excuse except life. It has been so busy lately. So.. I have to get caught up.

Kylie and Jayden posing for Valentines Day 2011.

So we are starting to settle in the house at this time but I was tired and didn't want to unload another box with the kids awake so I got out the camera. Jayden saw me lifting the heavy boxes and wanted me to know he was a big boy and could help me whenever I wanted. He flexed so that I knew he was serious and I got a photo.

We got a new fridge for the house. I caught Kylie trying her best to open the door. She hadn't figured it out yet but an A for effort! It only took her about 2 more days to get it figured out.

Here are the kids hanging out behind the couch. Still to this day it is their favorite hiding spot.

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