Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kylie is now 2!

Time goes by so fast. Kylie has been so much fun. She truly has such a personality and never lets things get to boring.

Kylie right now loves

Dora, anything with cats, bling, Tinker Bell, balls and food.

She is really starting to talk and is starting to learn to play with her brother, peacefully. Her B-Day was fun. Colby's sister and family came to celebrate with us. We had dessert, opened presents and then went to play at the park.

Here is the cake, this is mostly for my Mom. I couldn't think of how to do anything with Dora, my mind went blank so I stuck with the colors and just did a heart.
Kylie opening gifts with Jaydens help. I think he was almost more excited then she was. He kept telling everyone that his birthday was next.
Kylie with her big gift of Dora.
Getting ready to blow out the candles.
She tried!
The group of us eating and enjoying.

Kylie and Jayden at the park. He kept giving her hugs because it was her special day.
Daddy and Kylie playing and wrestling at the park. She loves this stuff, she is a tough cookie!

A great picture of Uncle Kevin tossing Jayden in the air. Kevin is so good to play with the kids and they love him, they don't want to leave him alone :)

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