Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Colorado Springs Zoo

For Memorial weekend we decided to go on a little trip. We didn't go too far. We went about 40 minutes to Springs and got a hotel with a pool and played there then in the morning went to the local zoo. It was pretty fun, you get to feed giraffes and the zoo is literally in the mountain side. Here are some pictures of our experience.

Jayden trying to convince the closest giraffe to come by him.
It was so funny, it was totally in a showdown with Kylie. I think it was mad that we didn't have any food for it :)
They had a cute "garden" and this is them being silly.
She makes a pretty cute tiger.
Jayden playing tiger. They had so much fun with this. They made sure we were tigers too.
Another very cool part of the zoo was the bird room. It was a big room with a lot of exotic birds in it and you held up a Popsicle stick with bird seed on it and they would eat out of your hands. It was crazy!
Kylie loved it too! It was fun.
We were going down the trail when we saw this kangaroo up on the grass. Kylie wanted to climb the wall and literally say hello.
This is kind of a sad picture. The big gorilla was, I think, just getting out of the sun and sitting by the window. Jayden was really quiet and went right up to him. Jayden couldn't stop looking.

This is a for real picture. If you enlarge it you will see a squirrel sitting there eating a chip. It just went right by Jayden and sat down like they were buddies eating lunch together. I was lucky to get a picture of it.

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