Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Will Rogers Shrine

Up the mountain from the zoo in Colorado Springs is a very interesting building. I guess in the 1920's there was a very rich, eccentric man who decided to build a castle like shrine to Will Rogers. The lower room is made for singing, it has excellent acoustics. When we entered, there was a woman there singing opera and recording it. It was AWESOME! You climb up several levels, each level has a room with pictures of Will Rogers in it. Crazy!

Colby, Jayden and Kylie at the base of the building. Can you see the view?
Going up the stairs we stopped for a picture and then realized as I was showing Jayden the pictures that the men are naked. He asked me why. LOL!!
Here we all are at the top!
Colby and Kylie saying hi on the way down.
Jayden, Kyle and me by the shrine.

Jayden, Colby and Kylie smiling by the shrine as well. One of the weirdest things we have seen in awhile but glad we did it :)

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