Friday, September 2, 2011

Trip to Wichita, KS

Why did we go there? I know you are curious. It is for a really weird reason. So we traded in our van for a Prius. Our awesome 1991 Olds died on us and so we have been one caring it for about a month. I guess we are spoiled because it was really tough. We had our morning debates about who got the car and why, sooo we decided we needed to get that truck.

Colby had specific ideas and we were on a tight budget so we were having a hard time finding what we wanted locally. There was a beautiful truck in Wichita, KS. So we left Sunday afternoon, stayed in a hotel checked out the truck on Monday. It was not what we wanted and so we drove back Monday afternoon. These are pictures from our trip. One of the coolest parts was this band of homemade windmills that a farmer had welded from old farm equipment. We had to stop and get a picture. The kids were laughing pretty hard at some of the designs.

It was pretty impressive to drive and see these.

The other really cool part of the trip was Dodge City, KS. The story of Dodge City is that back in the day, the city was part of the really wild west. It sat along the Sante Fe Trail and was reputed to be the most lawless town around. Famous figures like "Doc" Holiday and Wyatt Earp came into the town and in a crazy way brought the law back. There were so many murders in the town that there was a hill that they say the men were buried with the boots on and is called "Boot Hill". It was fun to feel like you were back in the west. There was a great train the kids played on and a historic downtown and lots of statues.

Kids on the train.

The Santa Fe trail goes through the area. There was a place you could stop and look at the wagon ruts still visible in the plains.

The bridge we are on is actually one of the "ruts" from the wagons. The wagons traveled in groups of four and as you look on the plains there are literally four deep areas as far as your eye can see.

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Matt, Amy, Grant, and Tyson said...

How fun!!! I wonder how far that is from us. You should of kept coming and stayed with us. :) it's prob many hours. Cute family and that stinks about leaving with no truck. Hope all is going well.