Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hiking the Colorado Mountains

We went on one of the trails near our campsite. It was almost a mile and it was a lot of fun. The kids liked it and there were great views for pictures so I included some good ones.

Colby and the kids. This is early on in the hike.

I took a turn with the kids. Jayden found a walking stick.

We tried for a family picture but Jayden didn't like the sun in his eyes and Kylie wasn't going to cooperate, so this is the best one.

Our bro-in-law Kevin and Colby's Sis, Martilyn. Baby Rachel is so adorable!

We were on the hike and as you can see, Jayden and Colby hid behind the trees and then jumped out and screamed like Lions to scare us. I saw them before but Kylie jumped pretty good then continued to be a lion for awhile after.

Had to put this one in. This is his, I know it all and am the best, look. He is pretty much the best!

Martilyn and the backside of Colby.

Thought this was tender of Kevin holding hands with his little girl and Colby playing with Kylie and Jayden. Super Dads!

There were markers along the hike so you could tell how far you had gone. This marker was at the end of the hike and Jayden kept mumbling that he was tired as he leaned against it.

A little bit better turnout of a family picture. Wish we looked better, but what should I expect on the "morning after" a good campout.

A cute picture with Colby Jumping in.

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