Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Jayden!

At his party opening gifts from some great friends.

Attacking the cake, he is trying to crawl out of the highchair. He decided he was done!

More cake.

Walking carrying his bubbles, he carries them around the house.

Jayden's Birthday was Wednesday and he opened some gifts but Colby had a night class so we had a party for him on Thursday. I made a car cake and had people from the branch and Colby's class over. It was fun, the cake was funny because he had a hard time getting into it. His hands were dirty and he couldn't figure out why I wasn't cleaning them off :) He got a good bath and then we opened gifts. He played with all of his great new toys today and loved it. He went from one to the other.

We had family pics taken yesterday and Jayden had an awakening. We let him walk around at the mall and he LOVED it. He walked and walked and walked. He kept looking back and would walk faster if he saw us coming. He was walking in and out of stores, touching all windows and mirrors and had a lot of people cooing over him. He loved it and now he is walking everywhere. So....I can finally say Jayden is walking. Yeah! But...I won't let him down at the stores without Colby with me or unless I want to chase him like crazy.

Oh here is a picture of the cake, for my Mom.

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Kristine said...

That cake is the cutest thing ever! I love it!! Yay for the birthday and walking. Isn't it so fun to watch them learn new things!