Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sledding Time

Our cute snow bunnie, he could hardly move!

Sledding with Dad

Happy one minute.....

...mad the next :)

It snowed about 6 inches on us Tuesday and Wednesday so we went sledding with Jayden for the first time. The Higbees have a great hill in their yard so we went there. He liked it but got cold pretty fast. He fell in the snow once and couldn't understand why the white stuff was so cold. We are practicing for when we are in Utah for the holidays, I hope it snows there by then.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. We sure ate alot and got to see a lot of people from the Branch. We ended the night at Tori's (a gal in the complex) with pumpkin creme brule. I hope I spelled it right. It was a great day. We missed family and friends and hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. All our love and best wishes.


madsens said...

HOw fun. We don't have snow yet. So are you going to logan for christmas?

Anne said...

Look at all of that snow! I'm glad Jayden enjoyed it for a little while. it doesn't take me long to get cold either. I hope you are feeling good this holiday season!