Sunday, November 16, 2008


So I was tagged by Amy for this, here are the rules.

1) Go to your pictures
2) Go to the fourth folder
3)Post the fourth picture in that folder
4) Tell about it and tag 4 people

This picture is from a camping trip we went on with people from our branch last fall. I was pregnant with Jayden so I didn't shoot and stood far off because every time they shot, Jayden would kick like crazy. We didn't stay the night but had a lot of fun. Colby still goes shooting whenever he can, there is a great range close by. We have even gone on a date shooting, we might belong in West Virginia after all :)
I was worried about what the picture would be, this one isn't bad! I am not in my P.J's or something like that. So now I have to tag four new people to do it. Here goes....
Kristine Hess
Anne Tew
Jennifer Madsen
Nicole Wooten
You lovely ladies are tagged.

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Matt, Amy, and Grant said...

Love the pict!! That reminds me when we went shooting in Poky together. I loved the picts of Jaden. WOW he's one, crazy how fast time flies!! He is so cute.