Monday, April 27, 2009

Some fun with Jayden

Jayden playing outside with his 4-wheeler.

I walked into my bedroom one morning and Jayden had dumped out all of my clean laundry that was in the hamper, had gotten out my box of nail polish from under the bed, and was sitting in the basket playing with the bottles. It was so funny and cute!

Another picture of Jayden outside in our yard.

Dad trying to take away Jaydens ball and Jayden defending himself. I love this picture!

So Jayden has learned about dipping foods. Now our only problem is not letting him dip his fingers in the dip and then rubbing them on his head. He looks like he is bleeding but it is just ketchup!
The weather has been so awesome the last few days. We have been in the high 80's and so we have been living in the back yard and at the parks. He loves being outside and he sleeps really good after playing so hard. He will roll down the hill, play with his 4-Wheeler or throw his ball. I can't do much so I sit on a blanket and cheer but he doesn't seem to mind. The neighbor was mowing their lawn the other day and that entertained him for a good 20 min.!
So I don't know what it is about cars, but we tend to not have much luck with ours lately. We thought our Impala was falling apart. The left turn blinker has a hard time turning off, everytime it rained our back seat floor was flooding and then our radio quit working. This happened all within a week. We didn't know what to do and then remembered in October we had changed our windsheild so we set up an appointment with them to see what is wrong. Come to find out there is a seal, not linked with the window, but by it that drags the water to drain by your tires. It was just "floating" there. The guy said that without it set up to seal, it was putting the water into our filter and causing it to drain in the car. What he wouldn't admit was that it was likely that he was the one that left it "floating" after he changed out our window. With that fixed we came home and started to wet/dry vac out the water. The next time we started the car, we heard a pop and then our radio started working again. I guess the water was doing something with our radio, or Heavenly Father knew we couldn't afford a radio right now and knows I can't live without one in the car! Tender mercies :)
So, our blinker is still not working but the car saved itself from being traded or sold or kicked or scrapped.....! Uugh! Colby is the man for being patient and figuring things out!

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