Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Columbus, OH Trip

Jayden wanted to swim in the hot tub because it was making so many bubbles. He couldn't stop laughing and playing in them. He kept saying, "bubbles".

Colby teaching Jayden how to kick when he is "swimming"

Colby and Kylie, she did so good. She didn't cry or anything she just liked being in the water. Yes, there are no pictures of me on purpose. I think I would blind people with my whiteness!
Jayden and Colby with the elephants at the Columbus, OH Zoo. Jayden didn't want to turn away from them long enough to get a good picture.

My two tigers!

Just another pic where I was lucky enough to have Jayden look at the camera.

Sweet Kylie! This is what she did most of the time at the Zoo!

Me and Jayden with the Kangaroo's. They let you walk around with them, it was pretty cool!
Just so you know, my hair has never been flat since we moved out here. The humidity was bad that morning and all my work gone in a few short minutes :)

So the summer is going fast and we decided to go to Columbus, OH this weekend for a little getaway. The hotels are cheap, the temple is there and they have the best custard ice cream place ever! This time we went to the Zoo, it is an awesome one, and swam in the hotel pool. It was a lot of fun and a much needed get away. We probably won't do something like this very often, they kids were so tired on the way back that a 3 1/2 trip turned into a 5 hour trip because we had to stop so much to calm them down. Oh well, MEMORIES!


Holly said...

What a fun summer trip! That is awesome the hotels were so cheap! I love not paying too much for places you just sleep at! Cute kiddies and you look so good after the baby!

Anne said...

I am glad you were able to get away! You have two very cute kids and they have two very amazing parents! Sorry your ride took so long, we are traveling more like that these days too!