Monday, September 14, 2009

Washington D.C. March

This was our view as we marched toward the Capital building. We were early and so there were a lot of people behind us.

The view behind us.

This was on our way to D.C. The kids needed a break and Jayden decided to take over the car after he had walked around a bit.

On our way to the march we walked by the White house and a great family from Europe took this picture for us.

This is where we were during the speakers at the rally after the march.

Our family at the march in D.C.

Just a shot of us hanging out during the rally.

Jayden is politically active for one so young :)

Another fun shot.

I don't know how to put into words our experience this last weekend. I would say that we are not real political zellots but we enjoy Fox News and Glen Beck. Colby likes Ron Paul. We heard about the march while watching Glen Beck and we felt that we were too close to pass it up. We debated about going and taking the kids, but in the end we just decided to do it. We didn't have a sign that we made to take with us, to be honest it was a rough day the day before and I couldn't think of anything clever. It worked out fine. We dressed in blue and red and felt like it was a movement for us just to be there.
I have been so frustrated at how the media has talked about this rally. There were senior citizens, young people, families, veterans, blacks, whites, democrats, republicans, independants, business people, religious groups, and even some crazy zellots. There were people on Harleys decked out in red, white and blue. There were so many different people but the message was the same, too much government! People were there for healthcare, fiscal spending, Acorn, Congress and senate reform, Czars, not being open and honest with the public. Most wanted Obama and their representitives to know that we are serious and that we are aware and hope they know there will be reprocussions in the next election to those who don't listen to our concerns.
There were so many people! It was awe inspiring! We met people from Illinois, Montana, South and North Carolina, Texas, and Indiana. It was so fun and crazy! There were two parts that really touched me. A lot of people came up to us and thanked us for bringing our young kids and said that they were what this whole rally is all about. The second is that one lady sang the National Anthem (sp?) and the whole crowd stood up and sang together. It was so touching. In a nutshell we are so glad that we went. We feel like we were a part of something good and a bit of history.

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Molly said...

That is so cool! Craig and I watched the Glen Beck special that day while it was all going on. Very inspiring. We wished that we could have been there too. Good for you for standing up and being counted.