Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Camping We Will Go

Here is our camp site. There are so many trees in WV that you camp in open spaces :)

The group around the camp fire.

Jayden and Dad. Jayden liked playing with the sticks, he was proud he found a big one.

Colby and Jayden and Jayden's buddy Jett on the 4 wheeler.

Dad and Kylie hanging out in the shade on Saturday morning.

Jayden and Mom.

This last weekend we went camping. It is the first time we have gone camping with the kids. It actually was a lot of fun and was better than I thought. Not to say that we aren't tired today! Our friends in Philippi know a man who has a great area to camp and play. Jayden could run and play his heart out with the other kids and we adults could talk, eat smores, and ride the 4-wheeler. It was a blast and we are glad we took the opportunity to do it. We have missed it.

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Holly said...

How fun! I should be brave and go. My 5 year old is so wanting to go sooo very bad! WV looks so pretty with all the trees!