Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not much new

So Kylie can't stay still. She was facing the opposite direction on the blanket and when I came back in the room she was trying to pull Jaydens Jeep out of the bucket to play with. She is so determined!

So my love of Ice Cream has passed on to Jayden. I told him to look at the camera while he was sharing Ice Cream with Dad, and this is what I got! A mouth full of ice cream and attitude!

Kylie loves this bouncer. Jayden didn't like it so much but she will bounce in it for quite awhile. (tender mercies)

So we go to the mall and there is a station of coin cars. I never put coins in them but Jayden loves to "drive" them and play in them. There are two other red sport cars and which one does he like to play in? The pink popcycle truck! Go figure!

Jayden loves to play in the diaper boxes. Colby put Kylie in one and Jayden got sooo excited and pushed "his" box right next to hers and climbed in. What a character! My three most favorite people in the world.

We have been pretty busy with lots of things going on so I haven't been good about blogging. I need to do more! The only thing going on lately is daily "stuff". I am learning about some of my habits that I didn't realize I had because Jayden has become the little immitator. I was playing with him on the floor the other day and my glasses kept sliding on my face, I kept pushing them back into place. One time I looked at Jayden when they slipped, to be funny, and he took his finger and pushed my glasses up for me! :)
Today he decided not to nap, I still put him in the crib for quiet time but he doesn't like it. He can't yet figure out how to climb the crib and so what did he do today? He had some naked time. I walk in after about an hour and he has no socks, no pants and his diaper is ripped to shreds. He had peed in the crib and was quite proud of it(we have been making a big deal about potty so that we can start him potty training). He kept pointing to it and then to himself and then felt I had listened and he smiled and said out with his arms up. What am I going to do about this? Duck tape comes to mind! I can make that diaper a part of him in a perminant way!
Colby is in his fifth rotation. He is in trauma surgery. It is pretty fast paced so he is tired when he gets home but his shift is 7-3 p.m. Not bad! I am so proud of him and all he is doing and learning. We are getting a little trunky and ready to be settled.

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Kristine said...

Cute pics! I also am learning some of my habits. I love how the imitate everything we do. It is such a fun stage! Kylie is getting so big and looks just like Jayden! So cute!!