Monday, October 19, 2009

Jayden is officially Binky free!

So, we have slowly gotten rid of Jayden's binky. We snipped the plastic part weekly until there wasn't anymore for him to grab. He now says that the binky is broken. Anyways, now he is a big fan of this blanket. He grabs it out of his crib and says that he is sleepy so that he can cuddle with it. He doesn't want to share though and will grab a blanket for Kylie if she is rolling on his blanket. He then points to her blanket and tries to get her to stay on her own! What a cutie!

This is the kids playing. She rolls around and follows him everywhere and so he started playing under the piano bench because, "she not get me"! Yes, I did dust after I saw this picture!

Jayden wanted to be with Kylie and is learning how to say cheese to get his pic taken. They have a lot of fun together.

Here is another pic on the couch. Kylie was leaning on him and Jayden was laughing because she was getting him.

So I hope other Mom's go through things like this but my son does not want to wear clothes. AT ALL. He will laugh and clap and say, I naked! The only way I can keep his diaper on is to duck tape it or let him be half naked. Here is a picture of him happy and half naked. I have not missed the fact that he wants to be naked now that it is cold outside.

This is Kylie being cute and taking off her socks. She won't keep them on, I think she is learning from her brother. The animal by her head is a bunny, Jayden has a bunny and thinks that she should too and so he is always putting this blue bunny by her.

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