Monday, October 19, 2009

Just some more pictures to enjoy.

Just a fun one of Jayden playing with Daddy! He likes to jump and have fun.

Jayden is my little fish. He has no fear of water/baths and was excited to be in the bubbles and smile at the camera.

I bought a huge pack of diapers and so Jayden stacked the boxes, sat on top and let his stuffed animals join him. He was so funny to see him get off, arrange the animals then sit down and then get off and move them again.

So this is the first picture of Kylie sitting by herself. She likes to do it but I have a hard time getting pictures of it because she can't do it for long. She is so motivated to move and sit on her own. Not bad for 5 months.

Kylie and Dad. Dad looking a little scary!

She rolled over to the hat and was smiling and laughing when it was over her head. Our little cowgirl!

So in the blog below I talk about Jayden being naked. He doesn't like to take naps and so usually that is the time when he tries to be naked most. He got his pants off and was trying to put them back on and got both legs stuck in one leg of the jeans! He was screaming and I came to check on him and he kept saying, "stuck".


Holly said...

He is so cute!! I love his little smiles! You just want to kiss him don't you?! ; )

Nicole said...

adorable little munchkins! When do I get my hands on them? Aren't you coming soon???