Friday, March 19, 2010

Jayden at the terrible two's

I explain this picture below. If you will notice the tape holding the toy together.

Jayden playing with bubbles in the back yard.

Jayden and Daddy wrestling and rolling down the hill in the back yard together.

This is his I don't want to wear anything but my fireman boots and nothing else look.

Jayden is a mover in his sleep, I came in to check on him one night and this is how he was sleeping.

Jayden playing, "see you mommy!"

I love Jayden soooo much. He is my joy and he makes me laugh so much....but....he has reached the time that he tests me. More than usual. I have already told you that he is a little OCD. He likes things a certain way, well he has now discovered tape. It holds his toys together so Kylie can't break them, it fixes his books that he has torn, it keeps his train bridge from falling, etc. He has used all the tape in the house, so we go to Sam's Club yesterday and what does he want to hold on to in the cart? The tape I bought, he was so excited.
I told him this morning that he couldn't have a drink until he was dressed. He took off his pajama bottoms, but on a pair of shorts and ran and got the gallon of milk out of the fridge and brought it to me in his bedroom. I guess I should have been more clear :) We now have divided the living room up so that both kids are happy. We use the ottiman and the chair to make a corner of the room where Jayden can play and Kylie can't get his stuff. He spends a lot of time in that corner!
Jayden loves cars, trucks, trackters, motorcycles, etc. The other day we drove by a construction site and he said that there was a backhoe, he was right. CRAZY! He loves Mickey Mouse and Dora and Thomas the Train. He loves going outside to play or go for a walk. He hates bugs and usually doesn't like getting dirty. The other day he played in the dirt but then wiped his hands on the grass and said, "that is sooo gross".
He asks me almost everyday if he can go to church. The other day we were at church and waiting for the sacrament and Jayden wanted a snack. I told him he had to wait till the sacrament was over. I told him we need to be reverent during the sacrament and he said, "so we can think of Jesus." Yeah Friend Magazine. As we were driving by a church last week, it has a tall spire and a golden cross on top, he yells all excited, "temple". So he is listening and learning.
So don't think he is perfect... yet. We were at the grocery store and Jayden saw a man with a beard and longer hair and yelled that it was Jesus. Thankfully the man laughed. We have been trying to teach Jayden the correct words for his "private" area, so when he asks we tell him what it is. His new thing now is that when I put on his diaper, he waves at his penis and says, "bye bye penis, see you later". Oh Boy!

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Martilyn said...

Cute post Michelle. Jayden is a cutie!