Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Colby's Birthday

This is Colby's cake. Jayden helped pick out the candles and he decorated the cake. He must really love his Daddy!

This is when Colby came home and was surprised with our party stuff.

Jayden gave Daddy cookies for his birthday. Right after Colby opened them, Jayden wanted one.

This is what Kylie and Mommy gave Daddy. Some new computer speakers that he has been looking at for awhile.

We had practiced all day and Jayden did a great job singing Happy Birthday. It was a lot of fun.

Colby was gone for his birthday but when he got home we celebrated like Rock stars. It was soooo fun. Jayden was so excited and helped me wrap presents, frost and decorate the cake, and made sure Kylie didn't get Daddy's balloons. When we were at the store getting the balloons, Jayden would tell anyone listening that it was Daddy's Birthday. Another year gone by, where does the time go?

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