Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kendra came to visit!

Kendra by Heinz stadium with downtown Pittsburgh in the distance. It was so windy cold that day!

I think this is supposed to be Mr. Rogers. Is he from Pittsburgh?

We went and did a session at the D.C. Temple. It was awesome!

We went shopping at a cool outlet mall in Washington, PA. We are hanging out while Jayden plays at some cars.

Kendra and I by the Washington monument.

Us by the Capital Building.

Kendra going into the Metro station area.

It was so much fun! Kendra flew into Pittsburgh and we explored Pittsburgh. Got lost, found a cool place to eat and made it home after the kids were in bed. The next day we went shopping. Then on Thursday we left to go to D.C. for three days. It was so much fun, the bed and shower head were awesome at the hotel. We got to sleep in and just enjoy our time. It has been awhile since either one of us have done that. Thursday we went to the temple, Friday we explored and walked....and walked....and walked. That evening we met Kendra's cousin for dinner in Georgetown and it was fun. Saturday was the drive home and hanging out with the kids. Monday we went and saw Philippi and we got some good ice cream and then Tuesday came and it was time for her to go! It went by too fast! Thank you Kendra!
Kendra and I met 14 years ago when we were roomates and Ricks College. I tease that she is my sister, it has been fun to be so close for so long. Also.... a shout out to our husbands who let us do this and didn't roll there eyes at us, too much!

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Molly said...

14 years! That's crazy huh! It doesn't feel like it was that long ago. How awesome to be able to get together again with Kendra. Looks like you guys had a great time.