Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kylie is One!

We wanted the day to be special, so we went to the Mall playgroud, it is better for little ones. She loved it and had so much fun.

This is Mom and Kylie playing on the slide, she couldn't get enough of it.

We have so many boy toys that we went all girly for her birthday. She got her first doll with a stroller.

We did a cup "cake" for Kylie this year. Jayden helped me frost and sprinkle them. Jayden even found the Tinker Bell candle at the store for me.

We couldn't believe how clean she ate her cupcake, that was until we got her out and it was all in the chair and her diaper. She was licking the plate, it was funny.

Kylie is such a blessing in our lives. She loves to dance, to tease, play with toys, eat
and be outside. She smiles so good that is makes her eyes into slits. She makes us laugh and she is a trooper. Her determination and independance knows no bounds but we love that about her. A couple days before her birthday she learned how to walk and hasn't stopped since. We had so much fun planning a family Tinker Bell party and Grandma Young got to be with us to celebrate. We love you Kylie!

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