Monday, August 23, 2010

Marti & Kevin Visit - The Riverwalk

Really we don't live at the Riverwalk! It is just a pretty place and the kids love to go there. Here are some fun pictures of us at the Riverwalk with Marti, Kevin and Rachel. This time we paddle boated on the river, it was fun.

Colby and Jayden playing in the fountains.
Colby and Kevin playing/mocking the statues.
The Andersens on the paddle boat
Our bumper enemies on the "other" paddle boat.
Colby and Jayden hanging out.
Marti, Rachel and Kevin in the gazebo.

This was done with Marti and Kevins new camera. It was hilarious to look at all the pictures it took (it took 10 really fast). Here is one of the best.

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